Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Hello Everyone!!

I am so sorry for not posting in forever! But Adam and I just moved!  We've been in the process for a while now, between work and play and work, work, work and packing, I just haven't had time! But now I have the time, hopefully to continue to post more often!

Moving is a process, it's long, it can cause fights, but it can also, deepen love, start new beginnings.  And being half kiwi (New Zealand) I have our fiddle head (opening of a fern) being our first piece up in the home, it is our symbol for new beginnings and growth!

But, I will just post some more pictures of our new place!! And hopefully, later this week, I will post more advice on moving and photos of our new home! 

Our living room, with our puppy Linix! 

Fireplace and mantle, photo of Adam and I :) 

Our Patio! 

Adam in our new kitchen!! 

Our bathroom, I still need to do decor in here!

Our first breakfast! :)

I'm definitely going on my Pinterest boards for inspiration!

See y'all soon!