Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I am now, Sprinkle Me Southern!

Hey Y'all!  I just got married!!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

This is Adam and I!  Oh this was the happiest day of my life!  

Well, I just wanted to stop by and let you all know that my Blog is no longer called  "Bless this Messer," it is now "SPRINKLE ME SOUTHERN"

Adam actually helped me come up with this!  We were just sitting down one night and realized, I NEED TO HAVE A NEW NAME!!! This was so excited!  We were really debating if I wanted to put in my new last name {which is Herre, by the way} and we decided not too.  

The wedding was amazing and I will update you all tonight!

Much Love,

Mrs. H

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Your Happiness Matters

Day Six of BlogtemberDescribe a distinct moment when your life took a turn.

Dress: New York & Co {Pretty sure around &35.95}
Necklace: New York & Co {$10 - on sale}
Shoes: Banana Republic {$60}
Bracelet: Monogrammed initials {gift from my Little}

Whenever people ask you about a moment in your life where your life took a turn, you try to think of things that are HUGE, or something negative that happened!  
With what I said at first, to thinking back to something HUGE that happened, I don't want to go there, because you also know that the little things in life can also be the most important and the most life-changing.

I actually want to refer back to the other day.  As y'all know I am getting married in 4 days!!  And times are so very stressful leading up to the wedding day.  You truly find out who your friends are, who are not, how much patience you have, honestly you truly find out who you are as a person, and this is where life took a turn.

The drama itself, is nothing to talk about, it's not worth it.  What my life turn was is exactly that; it's not worth it!

Things come at you from every direction, not just with planning/having a wedding, anything in life, it comes at you from every direction.  From one extreme to another, you might not know how to react or respond.  The best thing to do is NOTHING!  and you might think that is crazy, but after something that recently happened to me, I was freaking out; panic attacks, stress, loss of sleep, it was not healthy for me.  

Guys, with everything happening in your life, having that be of school, or marriage, or kids, or grad school, or work, with everything comes its own personal reaction to you.  You have enough to worry about, why take on something that has nothing to do with you?
My life turning moment was when I decided not to care.  And I don't mean not caring in a bad way, where it can be considered hurtful, I am talking about where someone truly tries to tear you down as a person, make YOU feel bad about something that has nothing to do with you and you finally stick up for yourself! 

This turn is something that I hope everyone can accomplish.  I am not, by any means, saying to be cocky or rude or not to care about others and their emotions, what I am saying is to put yourself first.  When people are trying to tear you down, you need to make sure that you are not forgotten amongst everything that is going on.  Being prepared with this choice is the HUGE factor, you need to understand that you cannot please everyone, your point of view might not be understood, your choices might not be understood, you might lose a "friend," you might be talked to in the most disrespectful way, but you NEED to stand strong.

When someone is on you, like white on rice (syrup on pancakes) and you are just freaking out and don't know what to do?  That's a sign, don't do anything.  Your best bet is to sit back and not do or say anything, because you never know what reaction you will get and in the long run it might hurt you.

So having this life turn of me just not putting up with drama and really caring about me, my fiancé and my really good friends that stand by me (and me by them) has made me, HAPPY!  Yes, this may seem cliche to a lot of you, but what you learn is fantastic, you really see things from a different light!

So what I hope y'all take from this is to remember that YOUR HAPPINESS MATTERS.  Don't let the little things get you down!

Stay happy Y'all!!



Friday, September 6, 2013

Where was Adam?

Day Four of Blogtember: A story about a time you were very afraid.

A time I was afraid?  Hmm, well I am afraid of the most random things, but I guess one night that I was very afraid was the night that someone went missing at my previous job, at Grandfather Mountain.

No worries, they found the person.  But, what I was afraid of is that Adam was called in for the search. This person went missing since close (because they account for every car in the parking lot) so that was around 7pm, and Adam didn't get service on the mountain (obviously) but, he couldn't contact me. 

Adam and I were both apart of the fire department, so not only did we get a call from the department, but he was already there due to work, and got called to stay for work. (He was a Ranger) 

But, I was Resident Director of the Houses at school, and I was on duty at the time and so I couldn't leave to help.   Adam was there since closing at 6pm, and I continuously didn't hear from him up to when I got off duty at 1 in the morning.  I texted a friend of his that also worked at the Mountain, around 2:30am and he was also helping on the search, and he said that they found him a little bit ago, and that he was on his way home.

I started freaking out...I am a huge worry-wart, and I make up situations in my head, like maybe he got in a car accident, or hurt himself on the way home, or something just happened because he didn't respond to some calls and texts.  So, I got up and drove, I sped, I went as fast as possible to the mountain.  By this time is was about 3 in the morning, and I turned to go up the hill.  I was almost to the entrance when I saw Adam's truck coming towards me.

I was balling my eyes out, Thank God that he was okay.  I pulled off to the side of the road and sat there, and he came up next to me.  Rolled down his window and asked if I was okay, and what was wrong?  At this point, anger hit me and I just said. "Are you kidding me? Do you know what time it is? I was so worried!" And then I just zoomed away, back to school.

He came home, right behind me and apologized and then snuggled with me the rest of the night.  His phone died and he was doing back-tracking work with a fellow Ranger to make sure that everything else was okay. 

I know it seems weird of me to be "afraid," but when you love someone so much, you care and panic at things because the love is so strong and you get so worried.

But, anywho, I know it isn't a perfect story, but just remember to love, always!




Good Afternoon, Y'all!!

Thank goodness it is Friday!  After a long week of work, and play and tears, I am happy to say it is the weekend (even though I work tomorrow too)!

I just wanted to start off this blog post making you smile!  Because YOU are beautiful, YOU are handsome, YOU are great and YOU are just amazing!  Yes, YOU!  And I am saying this, because every once in a while, everyone needs a lift! Everyone needs a moment to realize that they are a fabulous person.

This was my morning cup of coffee a couple weeks ago, on Instagram (@LittleMrsHerre) and I really wanted to share it with you!

Being in an environment where things are not always positive can take its toll on you.  You can develop a negative attitude or energy, or you can let it get you down, or worse, it can change you into someone you don't really like.  But, when I was re-stalking myself on Instagram, I came upon this picture and read what I wrote and really wanted to share it with you!

"I got my morning cup of coffee! ☕ I am ready to #savetheworld 😜💪- let's do this!  Remember to always keep a positive attitude and smile 😁👌because you never know who need that to make THEIR day better! 🙏 Happy Saturday!"

Some of us (like myself) always need a cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning; without it, I'm slow and in a grumpy mood.  Sometimes, I pull a Kalen and spill the coffee before I even get to the coffee maker...

But, I have a Keurig now, so it stops a little bit! HAHA 
With your coffee in hand, tiara on head, and cape on your back, know that you can rule the world.  Let nothing bother you.  Live for yourself, be yourself and be happy!   Why are you going to let others bring you down?  Things happen, friends come and go, people get hurt, you get hurt, and everyone has a different energy.  But, if you remain positive, it can rub off on others...

Like the ending, if you stay positive, if you stay happy, and if you stay with a smile on your face then you will make someone else happy!  You never know what a smile can do!



Be Love.

Day Three of BlogtemberPass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 

Useful advice comes in many ways...and what is humorous to me is that I have always been one to give advice.  I normally don't take advice well, because I just never have really been able to, I also don't ask for advice a lot.

As I pondered what to tell you all for the useful advice or information I learned, I went back to when I was just in a good place with my Momma.  We were sitting on the hospital bed, talking about life, just having a mother and daughter moment, when she looked at me and said something that I now live by EVERYDAY; Cassie, one thing that I want you to remember is to always...

"Be Love."

You may think, what does it mean to be love?
What it means, is that when you think of love, you it is something that you relate to happiness.  Love is (in Godly terms) patient, kind, unselfish, and in other terms, it is happy, perfect, and precious.  So, when I give you what I learned, remember and live by, I want you to take it and relate it to what YOU believe love is.

My mom said, "Be Love, because when you think about it, why can't you be something so caring, thoughtful, and pure as love?"

It's as simple as that.  It is a short piece of advice that doesn't need much explaining, but it has such a huge impact on the way you think and do things.  Living by this has really changed who I am as a person, and it has also changed my friends and others views of what they believe and how they changed after I explained my moms way of thinking and living.  I do feel like I am the person that always gives advice, for many different things.  If someone has an issue, or a question, I am the first person to say OH! Let me help you, or let me give you this advice! But, everyone is different and everyone has something different that they are going through, so not everyone needs the same advice or words of wisdom.  And when it comes to my moms words to, "Be Love," we all can relate on many levels, and we can all take it the way that we need to. 

Remember to Be Love.



Thursday, September 5, 2013


The other day, I was reading some of the blogs I follow, and one of my favorites, Jamie at Southern Simplicity posted about Blogtember and I just knew that I had to participate!  I am so ecstatic about partaking in the journey of blogging everyday!

It's normally a challenge for me to post a lot because I always want to find something that will interest you and I can't always seem to like what I come up with!  I've written, drafted, deleted, drafted again, so many times, but with this Blog Challenge, I will definitely be doing better for all of you!

I missed Day One, but what I am going to do is a simple, short and sweet Day One and Day Two!  

Day One of BlogtemberDescribe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

What I am, where I come from, who I am.  These are some deep statements to describe.  I've always been one to open up, but when it comes to opening up on a deeper level, I've never really been keen on doing it. But, for y'all, I will!

I am a strong, spunky, sarcastic, short woman with a huge heart!  So many things have made me who I am today, but that is with everyone.  Every experience you go through, every day you wake up, there is something within these actions that make you who you are.  But, since I said I would keep this short and sweet, I will open up about one thing that has truly formed me into the woman I am today, why i have a huge heart and why I love with all I have.

On July 29th, 2009 I lost one of the most inspirational women in my life, my Momma.

My mother mad me who I am, she is what I am, she has made me who I am and she always made sure that I was proud of where I come from.  I am a small-town girl from Maryland, my father is from the gorgeous state of Maine, and my mother is from the beautiful country, New Zealand.  To say that I am proud of where I come from is an understatement; having my heritage be a little bit of everything is great!  My mom was an outspoken, kind-hearted, caring, amazing woman, who always stood her ground, expressed how she felt, and always spoke her mind.  So much of me, has come from her.  So my life, what I live for, who I am growing into is for her.

But, obviously it isn't just the major experiences in your life that you go through, that makes you who you are.  It's the little things that help along the way!  A few of these things for me are, my two little sisters, well, my family in general, graduating high-school, graduating college, meeting the love of my life, finding the most AH-MAHZING friends in the entire world!
For day one, there are many ways to make sense of what we are to blog about, and there are more things to say, but everyone is different and has their way of answering!  Also, I promised I would keep it short! :)

Day Two of Blogtember: If you could take three months off from your current life and do anything in the world, what would you do? 

This is such a fantastic question!  In just three months I would want to, of course be with Adam, and honestly, I would want to be in New Zealand with my family down there and I would love to have my own Cupcake Shoppe in the small town of Picton, South Island.  And my dream for Adam would be to be working in the beautiful forests down there!

When we visited in December, he fell in love with the place for the first time, and I just had all my memories come back from previous visits.  We visited Picton and met an Uncle of mine and he took us through the beautiful Island; we couldn't stop gawking at everything! 

The reason why I choose the South Island, is because that small town of Picton, right through the busy Main St seems like a perfect fit for us.  South Island has many more of the Ranger positions that Adam loves and just a serenity to it that keeps us wanting to go back.

I'm not sure if "3 months" is a good time frame, Adam wants to move there now and stay for years!  but, I want to wait a little, so I can watch my baby sisters grow up!  Honestly, who knows where life will take us!  Plans change, lives change, people grow and time goes on!  Whatever happens happens.  So, honestly I want to be wherever We are in life for a 3 month period, because as long as I am happy, living a happy life, with my happy husband, I will be great!




Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Only 10 More Days, until I marry my Best Friend!

Wow!  Can you believe it?  Only 10 more days until I marry the love of my life!!

I am so excited, this has just been an amazing journey to get to this point.

Adam and I met in College my Freshman year (his Senior year) and it was...different, to say the least.   Let me give you all a little story about how we met!

The boyfriend before Adam,  broke up with me after two weeks, and I was really hurt.  I know this sounds dumb to be "hurt" by this, but I am the type of person that wears their heart on their sleeve and really starts to care for this person from day one.

BUT, ANYWAY! This guy broke it off with me, and I just wasn't looking, I wasn't on the market, I was just having a good time in college, meeting new people.  Well, it just so happens that I met this guy named Tyler, and he was in a frat and they were having a bonfire that night and he wanted me to come.  It also, just so happens, that Adam is in the fraternity... :)

Beautiful shot by Tyler :)

Freshman year, my Dad and I decided that I didn't really want a car there, because, well I had too many tickets, I didn't really know the area, and the town was so small that there really wasn't anywhere to go anyway!  To keep it short - I had no way of getting to Tyler's house for this bonfire!  So, he said, "Go to Wilys and ask for a guy named Adam, he will give you a ride."

Did you think it was that easy?  No.  -_-

I went to Wilys (a "bar and grill") which by the way is just fried, unhealthy food...but so much better than the nasty cafeteria food.  There were three people behind the counter, 2 guys and 1 woman.  So, I asked for which one of them was Adam. (Not the woman, of course) And both of the boys said "ME!" I was taken aback, I stuttered my next question..."uhmm, okay, which one of you will take me to the bonfire?,"  at this point I was guessing that they thought it was funny so they both said, "ME!"  I just rolled my eyes, and said "Which one of you knows Tyler?" and their response was the most lovely repetitive response, and so I asked my final question (by this point it was funny, yet I was annoyed) and asked "Which one of you is in the fraternity?"  and then y'all, my love of my life answered by himself!

And I'll make this a little bit quicker y'all, because I don't wanna lose ya!  But, I took his phone from him, put my number in it and told him to text me when he was off work. (No girl has ever done this to him before, whoot whoot)  SOOO, then he texted me, I met him at Wilys, with a friend of mine, we went to his suite first, my friend and I sat on his bed, he changed out of his work clothes in his friends room down the hall (Oh. My. Lanta. was he gorgeous) and then we were on our way.  But, first he had to pick up his friend Sam, which was cool, but then She came out of the dorm, yep, she....

My heart shattered :(  I mean, I just met this guy, I just got out of a relationship, but he was the first person that I actually looked at and met that just kept me interested without doing anything!  He was just so intriguing!  Whenever I meet ANYONE, I always put my full heart into our relationship with one another.  I care, and I love, so I will not give up on them and I will give them a friendship that they need or want because everyone deserves love.  Be that love.

So anywho, we went to the bonfire, and I hung out with Tyler and everyone else, and Adam was on the other side hanging with his friend and other people as well and I just didn't think anything would happen after that night!  But, I couldn't stay away, I wanted to talk to him, but I already said Thank you a million times, so...

My first text to Adam was "Your bed is so comfy" Yep, that's it!  I wasn't trying to flirt or be weird.  All I knew was that I really wanted to talk to him and have a reason too and even though it was stupid, look where it got us!  (By the way y'all, his response was "Thanks" haha)

But, from this text, it gave us the ability to talk a little bit and set up our first date.  Originally, it was going to be watching a movie at his suite because he was super sick and didn't really want to go out anywhere.  But, when he picked me up, we rolled the windows down, opened the sunroof, he looked up and turned to me and said, "Do you wanna go on a drive?"

We went to Brown Mountain Overlook, off of a road in Linville, NC!  We got out, laid in the bed of his truck and just stared at the stars and got to know each other.  The likes, the dislikes, what we had in common, jokes, we saw shooting stars, it was honestly a fairytale!  And being the gentleman that he is, he did not kiss me that night at all!

From there y'all, we hung out on the regular.  I was actually rehearsing everyday for a Musical that I was in (Into the Woods) and when it came time to perform, we had 4 performances, and he came to 3, with flowers and a bunch of claps and 'whoops' for me!  He truly such a Godly, and amazing man!

I went to Florida for Fall Break, and immediately when I got back, not even 20 minutes into being back at the dorm, he takes me on a date!  We went on a beautiful hike, to Little Lost Love Cove, and looked out over the edge, and absorbed all the beauty of the world in front of us.  As soon as it started getting dark, I told Adam that I wanted to start heading back, because I am afraid of the dark. (I know, I know, but for real, there are a good amount of us that are a little nervous when the lights go out.)  He said of course, but asked me to come see him for a second.

I went up to his gorgeous self, as he was leaning against a rock, and pulled me in close and said:

"This is so perfect with my girlfriend."

The day he asked me to be his girl! October 17th

My heart skipped a beat!  I was so happy!! WHAT?!? YES! OF COURSE! YAY!!!  I was so excited, and couldn't believe it!  I had him repeat himself and yell it to the wilderness in front of us!

And that is how we became each others lovely.

God has truly blessed me with the love of life, my soul mate and best friend.  I couldn't have asked for a more amazing person. 

I hope that when you find your soul mate, whomever it is, you feel as amazing as I do with Adam.  He makes me feel special and beautiful everyday.  I am truly lucky.