Monday, October 28, 2013

Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider Cupcakes

Hey Y'all!

I know not everyone loves Mondays, and I don't either! But, I was just so super excited to share my Cupcake recipe with you guys, after work!

First, I would love to give a shout out to The Brown Sugar Blogger for sharing this recipe, because it has reached so many people on Pinterest!  I made these cupcakes yesterday and many people have been asking for the recipe, so here it is below.  

Just so you know, before we start I am just going to put the link for the cupcakes here and that is Brown Sugar's recipe, but what I am putting below is the recipe with my changes, and my personal cinnamon cream cheese icing that is AH-MAZING!

Alright y'all, until next time!


Mrs. H

Team Herre! Let's meet, Mufasa!

Happy Sunday Y'all!!

I hope that this finds you guys well and that you aren't too mad at me for not posting in a while!  Also, this will say that I posted Monday, because I am writing this post at 11:50pm on Sunday! haha
But, I am on my new schedule now, and in the swing of things for my new job, and the most wonderful addition to our family!

I have so much to catch y'all up on!  Well, first things first, married life is wonderful, I have been cooking and cleaning and working and just really appreciating my life and how blessed I truly am!  I have been trying out a lot of new recipes that I think that you guys would love; Parmesan Chicken, Parmesan Talapia (Yes, I've been on a little bit of a cheese kick!) Almond Crusted Orange Salad, Pumpkin Pie, Apple Wraps and some Hard Apple Cider Cupcakes!

I will give y'all all the recipes and the steps, tips and tricks starting tomorrow!  I will start with the Angry Orchard Hard Apple Cider Cupcakes!!!


Mufasa Herre!
We rescued Mufasa from the Animal Adoption League  of Charlotte, and he is the cutest thing!  We went on Friday to Camp Bark after talking to a wonderful woman, who saves many animals, Cindy and we were able to have Mufasa and Linix meet, to see how they interacted, if they got along and if he was the right fit for our family! And they got along very well, so OBVIOUSLY, that was a yes!

Linix and I on the way to meet Mufasa!
When they first met they loved each other.  They told Adam and I that he was very rambunctious and jumped a lot, but he barely did that with us.  He was super playful and amazing, but he was SO comfortable that he didn't freak out or jump around, it fit, it felt very right.  

Linix and him were like two peas in a pod.  Camp Bark tried introducing another dog (Leroy) to us.  Leroy and Mufasa were best buds at the camp, but they told us that Leroy was a little more tame than Mufasa, so they provided a meet with Leroy just incase Mufasa and Linix didn't get along.  But, THEY GOT ALONG WONDERFUL!!! Camp Bark always had our hearts and Linix in mind, Cindy and Maria gave us the best meet up!  There was acreage, and walking paths, and treats, and a ton of love.

Mufasa and Linix holding paws! <3 How cute?!?
The Adoption League, does NOT do same day adoption, they give the adopting parents a chance to think about it, and truly understand what a commitment it is to adopt a puppy/dog.  I think this is one of the best things for any animal because it provides a sense of security and protection for the animals, to make sure they are going into a loving, welcoming home! And of course, we loved Mu and we knew that he would be a great addition to our family, so Adam and I said YES! and Mufasa was able to come home today, Sunday!  

He is a perfect fit to this family.  Welcome, Mufasa Herre!  (Mu for short)

Mu's new ID Tag!
If you ever have the chance/time/commitment/money to adopt a pet, I highly suggest it.  It is one of the most amazing feelings in the world to know that you are making a difference and providing a loving home to an animal that was probably hurt before they met you.
Example?! Mufasa was found by Cindy, he was tied up to a cement block, with no shelter, no food and no water, along with his sister and his mother (who were taken to another adoption agency) but, the only thing that was different was that the female dogs had a shelter (a broken metal table).

But, now we have welcomed Mufasa into our home, and he is starting his new life with us and we all couldn't be happier!  There is nothing better than having something in your life happen to you that leads you to where you need to be and with whom you need to be with.  I was blessed with Adam, and together we were blessed with Linix and Mufasa!  Dogs are put in your life to make you love, teach you love and love you all the time no matter what.  He is amazing and I hope someday each of you adopt and make someone/something's life so much better!


Mrs. H