Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review :: Girls with Pearls Monograms - Computer Adhesive

Since the South has taken over my heart, my soul, and my life; Monograms have become more and more apart of my wardrobe, my accessories, and my knick knacks.

One of things I have come across that I love is, Etsy.  And I have wanted a monogram for my computer lately, so I went on and found Girls with Pearls Boutique Monograms, and ordered the CUTEST 3 inch vinyl sticker.
And it was only $4.50!!!

It was super easy to apply, and Hannah left detailed instructions to help you out along the way.  I highly recommend you go and check out her shop.  She has super cute stuff that anyone would love, from computer stickers, charger stickers, clothing iron-on's, she's got everything!  You'll love it guys!

Monday, May 12, 2014

My Favorite iPhone Backgrounds

I am pretty much a lover of iPhone backgrounds.  So I wanted to do a quick post of my recent top favorites!  You should also know y'all, I am a Maryland girl!  So, for all you Maryland people out there, I have the perfect background, super cute!

  1. Randoms
  2. Kate Spade
  3. Lilly Pulitzer





Maryland Pride Crab


Glitter Gold Dots

Stripes with Gold Bow

Gold Glitter

Fun Elephants


Blue Floral - Kate Spade


Enjoy Y'all!

DIY :: Mother's Day Survival Kit Gift

Hello Everyone! I hope that your Mother's Day weekend was fabulous.

So, I wanted to refer back to my May Post for y'all today.  I mentioned in there that I wanted to show more appreciation for others (especially those close to me).
  • Truly show appreciation for others more.  This is really self explanatory, but I want to show people out there, either it be family, friends or random strangers, more acts of kindness.  Pay it forward, y'all.
This past weekend, in honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to show you guys what I did for my wonderful Step-Mother.  Every family has their up's and down's, the good and the bad times, but in the end we always came together and loved each other.

For this mother's day, I was in North Carolina, and couldn't go up and celebrate, so I decided to send her a Mother's Day Survival Kit!  It is the perfect gift that will make her smile.  It is also very affordable, it's the perfect DIY Gift for mom this year (future years).

I call this the - Mother's Day Survival Kit

Included ::
  • Mother's Day Card
  • Mini Bottle of Tequila - "For the times you need a shot : Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lime and a shot of tequila."
  • Mini Hand Lotion - because I know how much my mother loves lotion. And she can keep it in her purse!
  • Green Tea Body Wash - Her favorite color is green, and this stuff is natural and smells phenomenal!
  • Loofa/Lufa -Fresh lufa, for her new body wash.
  • Chocolate Covered Pomegranates - THESE ARE DELICIOUS! They are from Brookside.

You put this all in a box, either a postage box, or a pretty box (if you are home) and just include a cute little note, like above and explain what it is.  That this is a little slice of heaven for them, for all the years they put up with you, and all the years there are left!

I hope that you all love this and can use this for future gift ideas, or for a Mother's Day gift for next year!

Y'all are fabulous.  Stay happy, guys!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Let it be, May!

Birds are chirping, BBQ is grilling, pools are opening, and the sweet smell of flowers blooming fill the air.  May is so beautiful, because it is when people seem to be happier (besides Christmas) and this season tends to make more smiles appear.

This month is full of things to do, yet not enough time to do all of them.  As Adam and I are transitioning into another month of marriage, we are truly transitioning within our lives together as well.  From, figuring out where we are going to move next, to having discussions about full-time career opportunities, to trying to make more time for each other with our schedules, life kind of is speeding before us and we need to catch up!

I am excited for this May because I have some goals that I promised myself I will keep to!  One personal goal (that won't be in my list of 5) is that I am going to try and post at least once or twice a week.  Since life has been flashing before me, it has been difficult to just sit down and write.  BUT, I WILL DO IT!  I am planning on sharing some projects that I am planning on doing, to what I am teaching myself about finding my way.  On with the goals.


  1. Have a true date(s) with Adam.   I've seen ideas from special dinner dates, group dates, to movie nights.  But, one that I have seen that I want to try is, once a month Adam and I would go on a grocery shopping date for a specific dinner in mind for that night and then cook it together. Daw.
  2. Truly show appreciation for others more.  This is really self explanatory, but I want to show people out there, either it be family, friends or random strangers, more acts of kindness.  Pay it forward, y'all.
  3. Get rid of the negative!  Get rid of that extra clutter in your life, get rid of that negative energy, and get RID of those negative people!! They are NOT worth your happiness.  I have had to tell myself that a lot, but I am really going to live by it now.
  4. Make more time for Girl Time.
  5. Take fur-babies on a LONGER walk everyday. (with Adam) We take them on a good walk everyday or every other day, but I want to take them on a longer walk, and more often!  And with Adam, because then we can go over our day, what made us smile, what made us frustrated, and why we love each other.

What are your May Goals?  Lots of things happening for us this month, y'all.  We got to keep that smile on our face, and in our hearts and keep our faith always.

Talk to you soon!