Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Forever Yummy!

This post is for all my lovers of nail polish out there!

Last evening, Adam and I were out at Walmart doing some shopping, and my girly self absolutely loves walking over to the Essie nail polishes and look through all the beautiful colors! 

Today, I will be sharing with y'all Forever Yummy, by Essie

Forever Yummy, is the perfect holiday color. It is a deep red, I feel as though it is similar to a candy apple red, yet DARKER! It is exactly as the name describes, a very yummy color; it reminds me of twizzlers.  This deep red is a perfect fit for an any day look, or a way to deck the halls and bring in this beautiful holiday season!

The shine is perfect. In the pictures below, I used two coats of the nail polish.  Normally, I put on a nice clear top coat, but I ran out the other day and completely forgot to pick-up a new one!
It doesn't need a top coat, but I recommend it for safe measures!! 

Forever Yummy {Essie} at Target

What colors do you like for this holiday season? or ANY season? 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Be a Dashing Lady: Fringe Scarf

Hello Y'all, grab a cup of coffee and settle in for this comfy post!

As you know, I LOVE fashion, and I saw this on my friends Instagram and I HAD to have it!

I got this amazing Fringe Scarf from Dashing Lady, an online just for women boutique.  It has contemporary clothing for the everyday woman! (just like this scarf!)

When it came in the mail, I honestly couldn't contain my excitement. If you are a fashion lover, as myself, then you understand the love and rush that you get when a package comes in the mail!
Right off the bat, the packaging was perfect because it protected scarf, and then it was packaged again on the inside to remain clean, and in tact. GREAT!
Also, Dashing Lady kept up with me to make sure that I got my package, and to be sure it was exactly what I wanted!  Their customer service is fantastic. 
Once you open the scarf, the material is super light-weight and it expands to be full and thick. (As you can see in the pictures)  Whenever I choose scarves, I like the comfortable, thick, full-bodied ones, and this one was perfect.   There are other color options, but olive stood out to me, because personally it went with my skin tone, and eyes.  I think this is BY FAR one of my favorite scarves and you should totally get one ASAP!  It is comfortable and super chic!

It is also business-casual, which is perfect for any work day, or a casual Friday!  Below, I am wearing a khaki blazer from Banana Republic, a white tank from Buckle, and the beautiful fringe scarf from Dashing Lady.  This is the perfect gift for your amazing girlfriend, loving wife, best friend, or yourself!  And since, Christmas is right around the corner, this is the ideal gift for the everyday trendy woman

I really like this scarf, I recommend y'all get one and I would get another one in a heart-beat!
I have posted a picture on Instagram too, for y'all to see!

ALSO, They are having a SALE right now! 20% off from now until the end of November!  Use the coupon code, THANKS.  Be sure to mention that Cassie sent you!

Please be sure to go and visit Dashing Lady!! It has super cute EVERYTHING!!

Stay comfy my friends,

I was not compensated for this post.  I personally wanted to share this amazing product with you.  Thank you.

Friday, November 22, 2013

How To: Write a letter to your little sister/sibling.

Alright Y'all! Grab your cup of coffee and lets get started!

I am absolutely in love with this post that I am about to share with you guys!  This is a post of TIPS on how to write a letter to your little sister!

Last week, after work, I was struggling to write a letter to my little sisters.  Our age differences are 21 to 8 and 9.  You see, my parents got a divorce when I was 5 years old, I HOLD NO GRUDGE! If it wasn't meant to be, then it wasn't.  All I want for everyone is happiness.  So, my Dad found happiness with my Step-Mother, Eileen.  Their love is pure bliss, and it is so evident that they care for one another more than anything in the world (other than the family).  And they had two beautiful little girls, Veronica and Rebecca.

During college, I wasn’t really able to give my sisters the attention that I wish I were able to.  So, now that my husband and I live on our own, in a completely different state, with our “grown up” jobs and lack of ability to visit regularly, I wanted to take the time to write to my younger sisters.

Being that I am the older sister, my dad told me and reminds me that, I am “the older sister, not the disciplinary.  So, if they do something you aren’t happy with, treat them with an older sister love.  Every once in a while, try to show them the proper way to handle something, but only show them once, because you don’t want them to think negatively of you.  Remember we are the disciplinary figures, you are their older sister, the one that they come to.”

After hearing him say that, it truly made me think. 

By the things that my dad meant when he said whatever, I (Cassie) am not happy with, he meant that when I get upset when I see them throw a temper tantrum over something so irrelevant, or when they role their eyes at our parents, or when they don’t use manners all the time.

My sisters didn’t see me do all these things, which I know I did at some point.  But, I do see myself in them, when they do the negative things.  So, like I said, it truly made me think. Think of what I should say to them which needed to be completely sisterly.  Then it hit me…

What would I tell myself when I was their age?  If I could go back in time, what would I want to hear?

Those questions, simple questions, made negativity disappear.  At their age, I didn’t want to hear what I was doing wrong, or what was so bad with my actions. I wanted to hear positive things. It needed to mean something, with love and support.


    •       Ask them how they are doing, and then ask how they are doing with something that they are passionate about.  For example, Rebecca is passionate about dance. “How is dance going?  Do you have a favorite song?” Or Veronica, who is passionate about origami, school, and field hockey – “How is school? Are you keeping those grades up?  Have you been scoring awesome goals?”
    •       You are beautiful!  I wanted to take a moment to explain this, when I was in school, I was made fun of every day for my looks.  My sisters are by far the most beautiful girls ever, and I have not heard from either of them about bullying, but I still think that it is VERY important to share with them that they are pretty, inside and out, beautiful for who they are.
    •       Remind them to always dream big, and never let anything hold them back.
    •       Happiness is important.  Write how they shouldn’t let the little things that make them upset linger.  Tell them, that they should always strive for happiness.
    •       TRUTH.  It is a HUGE deal if an older sister tells and explains to always tell the truth.  Like my dad said, don’t be the disciplinary figure, stay positive.  When I explained about the truth to my little sisters through a letter, I just said, no matter what happens always tell the truth, because you will feel so much better, because you will be saying how you feel and think and that it will have a better outcome!
    •      Continuing off of what I stated above…I also recommend to not mention any negative words.  For example, I did not once mention the word ‘lie,’ I kept it positive by restating ‘truth’ and ‘feeling better’
    •      Lastly, I reiterated THROUGHOUT the letter how much I loved them, and how much they meant to me.

When writing your letter to your younger sibling, keep it happy, and fill it with love.  What would you want to know when you were their age?  What things would you want to hear/read?
Share with me your thoughts on what you believe should be shared with your younger sibling.  

Always keep your thoughts clear with a younger sibling and remember to keep them smiling!  They look up to you!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tis' this Thankful Holiday

Happy Happy Tuesday Y'all!

So, on my very sick beginning of the week, I have been thinking a lot!  What am I thankful for? What has changed my life for the better?  What have I learned that has made me grow?

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't help but roll over and look at my sleeping husband, and just smile because I am so blessed and happy!  I am so thankful for my loving husband that I wanted to share it with you!

There are so many people out there, either already decorating for Christmas, or getting irritated with the people that are decorating.  In my opinion, I wish that what the Christmas "season"came with, was year round; the happiness, the niceness, the cozy, warm-hearted atmosphere. Even though Adam doesn't want me to decorate yet for Christmas, he still let's me listen to Christmas music!

Which leads me to celebrate this month of November with thankful things that I would like to share with y'all!  This list is of only 5 of the things that I am thankful for, not everything!  I am thankful for so much, but I can't put all of them because then this blog would be too long! :) ha

  1. First, I am SO thankful for my husband, and our relationship! Without him, I wouldn't be who I am today, and I wouldn't be as strong as I am, either!  He has pushed me to my full potential in many things, and has and continues to support me in whatever my dreams are, and vise-versa.

  2. I am thankful for my faith, because without that I wouldn't have been able to get through a lot of the things that life has thrown at me.  My faith is another thing that makes me strong, and with my relationship with God, I know that I will be okay.
  3. I am beyond thankful for my family.  Point. Blank. Period.  My family is my all, without them, I wouldn't be who I am today.  They are my backbone, my everything.  My family is not just blood.  Family is the people that are there, and that will be there forever.

  4. I am thankful for mistakes that I have made, for without these, then I would not grow and learn.  I am thankful for all of those people that have hurt me, or have made a negative impact in my life, because at the end of the day, they show me who I do not want to be.
  5. Lastly, I am thankful for being alive!  I owe it all to the Man upstairs.  I am healthy, I have a loving family, a roof over my head, and food to feed my husband and I.  I may not have all the money or luxuries in the world, but that is not my worry.  I am thankful for my happiness!

What are YOU thankful for?

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Adam's Birthday Mission Extravaganza!

Hello Y'all!

I have been waiting to wait to post this week because it is all of the things that I did for Adam's birthday this past Thursday!
My wonderful, amazing, handsome husband turned 25 this year! and I wanted to make our first birthday together as a married couple the most amazing one!

God has blessed me with such an amazing man as my husband, and I couldn't be more thankful for him!  So, for this birthday, and many birthdays to come, I made it super special!

The night before, on the 13th of November, I went out to Party City, and bought lots of balloons!  I bought 20 Happy Birthday balloons, the numbers 2 and 5.  I was going to fill up the living room with 25 balloons, but instead I wanted him to really wake up to it from the beginning, so I blew up 15 balloons,  and taped a note to each one, of reasons why I love him! (I placed the other 10 notes where he would see them when he would wake up: on his phone, in his slipper, on the bathroom mirror, in his truck, etc.)

Reasons why I love you:  (Adam’s birthday 2013)
  1. They way you sleep is the absolute cutest!
  2. You love me back
  3. You have the most amazing dreams, and I will always support you
  4. You are so so handsome!
  5.  I can’t imagine my life without you!
  6. You are a GREAT father to our little four-legged children
  7. You open up to me
  8. Reads my Blog (Even though I’m new)
  9. You do all the dishes
  10. You always take out the trash
  11. You taste all of my baked goods!
  12. You let me listen to Christmas music in July!
  13. Because you are my HUSBAND!
  14. The way you forgive me when I make mistakes!  I know I frustrate you, but you always forgive!
  15. Because you saw me when no one else did
  16. I know you love me, no matter what!
  17. The way you wear my headband when your hair is too long for your liking!
  18. You have a beautiful heart
  19. How you feel in love with New Zealand and my family!
  20. You are my everything!
  21. We snuggle and keep each other warm
  22. You love doing nothing with me
  23. When you steal “our” Salt n’ Vinegar chips
  24. You know how I like my blueberry coffee!
  25. IT’S YOUR 25th BIRTHDAY!!!

Next, when Adam woke up, I made him his birthday breakfast, which consisted of BACON PANCAKES, and HOMEMADE HASHBROWNS!  They were absolutely phenomenal!  The recipe is below, and it was a huge hit at our house, Adam wants them all the time now! HA

Then, after long days at work, I made reservations a month ago for Adam's birthday dinner at Nakato's Hibachi Grill!  IT was AWESOME! :)

I made goodie bags for everyone, and had his balloons set up, and gifts all around! And his fabulous cupcakes that I made for him, were amazing as well!  They were MOCHA CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES!  Which, I will put in a separate blog post for y'all because they are amazing!

For his cards, and birthday presents, Adam literally got all fart cards, so that tells you about him! HAHA!!  For his birthday presents, I got him a beer making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop, a summer wheat, which is one of his favorite types of beer, and now he gets to make it!! :) We are pretty excited to ferment this beer and then taste it when it is all done!  Our friend Chris, said that he waited a year to make his and it lasted, but I know that Adam and I will not be waiting that long; but just so you know, it lasts that long! I also made Adam a beautiful Christmas ornament.  I took our wedding invitation, and cut it in to thing strips, curled them and put them in a ornament!  I will put that in another blog post! Coming soon!! :)

Adam loved EVERYTHING! So, I believe this birthday mission was complete.

Until next time, y'all!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

From JigSaw to a Referee, complete your Halloweekend with me!


It is such a fabulous time of year!  Giving thanks for everything around you, everything that has made you grow into who you are now, and all that pie! Just kidding! haha

Well, y'all a fun fact about me, is that I used to be a Performing Arts major, and I was obsessed with theatre make-up, performing and seeing what I could create with a brush and a color pallet.  I am also very thankful that I have been given the gift of being able to do all the things that I can!  I love make-up, and being able to create is something that I am so happy about!

Here is a look at what I did for Halloween, and the following days after, for the Halloweekend!
I was JigSaw for the actual day of Halloween, because that is the point; to be scary! Adam was a hipster, and my good friend Carrie was a clown.  Adam didn't have any make-up on, but I did mine, as well as Carries! :)


Carrie, the crazy, scary clown!

My handsome Hipster and I!
We went to World of Beer, in downtown Charlotte, which was so awesome, they had AWESOME beers, like the Founder's Breakfast Porter (yummy) and a Halloween costume contest.  It was SO funny, because there was this girl wearing this bathing suit thing with the side cut out, with teeth…she was a shark…but, anyway, there was also a girl that was supposed to be Tigger I think and some people stepped out of the contest because they knew that the girl that was barely wearing anything would win…but the Tigger girl actually walked around saying - "I KEEP IT CLASSY!" HAHAHAHA

Whew! Anywho, it was a great evening, and we were also invited to a party on Saturday which was a great party!!  At this party, my friend let me borrow her fairy wings, and I did makeup for it…

There was  A LOT more glitter, because I LOVE sparkles!
And then I took all of the makeup off, because I couldn't find an outfit that matched the wings, and I didn't want to wear too tight of clothing.  So, I just put on some mascara, and game lines on under my eyes, and I was a Halloween referee!

My Hipster!! :)
Well, y'all I hope you guys had a great Halloween, and that you get ideas for next year! <3
Here are some more photos of my hubby, friends, and me!  Have a great week, and see you soon!

Hipster (yes, those are my jeggings), the Ministry of Silly Walks guy, Quail Man (Nickelodeons Doug), and douche-bag Colin Farrell.

Macklemore and the Ref!

Our AWESOME friends, Chris and Cara!

Wild Audrey Hepburn and the Ref! (the beautiful Cara and I)

Rob, AJ, me, and BJ :)
The cutest men ever! <3

Mrs. H