Tuesday, May 28, 2013

To be or Not to be...Leader 101

Being a leader or a follower is something that is questioned more than once.

You get put through situations where you are given the option of being a leader or letting someone else take the reigns!
Between you and me, I do get scared if I become a leader, have the position of a leader or have that opportunity to be a leader.   Well, I wouldn't say "scared," but nervous and worried, sometimes, yes. 

When becoming a leader or being a leader, you need to remember these things:
  1. You can do it.
  2. The leader/person of higher position will and SHOULD take the fall for the negative things, yet...
  3. ...give credibility to the group as a whole for any positive things.
  4. Believe in yourself, and that will reflect on others.
  5. Believe in your team.
Being a leader has its up's and it's downs!  You can get beat up and down, verbally, mentally, or emotionally.  But, you also have those moment of complete and utter happiness!  The feeling  of accomplishment, teamwork, that "sigh of relief" moment.

Coming from experience, you will have so many who try to take credit for what you do, try to obtain your glory, etc, but DO NOT LET THAT GET YOU DOWN!  It honestly, just shows how amazing you are and if you don't break or attack then it shows that you're a strong individual who has the qualities of a great leader.

I once read, "A level 5 (great) leader is someone who teaches others to become leaders."

When I think of this phrase, I think that in order for you and I to become the best that we can be, not only as a leader, but as a person, we need to be able to be the learner and from there become the teacher, so new leaders can be born.

As I stated earlier, letting someone else take the reigns is very important as well. Not only does it show how distinct your character is, but it gives others the chance to shine.

One thing that I recommend for every leader, no matter if you have been a leader before or for a long time or if you are just starting out, the one thing that I believe is best for everyone is to remember to:




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