Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Little Bundle of JOY - Sorority Style

I will be the first to tell you that I never thought that I would become a part of a sorority! 
I attend a very small school, and we do not have nationally known sororities, but we do have our own, social and community service based sororities and they are pretty awesome!

I am apart of a sorority called, Delta Zeta Nu, we were founded in 2008!  We are small, but that's why it is awesome!  Our sister bond is so close! 

But, what I mainly wanted to talk about is my FAVORITE part of being in a sorority no matter where you are, nationally known or not.

{ I have the BEST Little in the world }

This is Joanna.

She is my little, my best friend, a bridesmaid, and literally a blessing in my life.
She (obviously) is gorgeous, but she is also a 4.0 student, a dancer, in  SGA with me, and will be attending UNCG in the FALL!!! 

You can call me a proud Big, but to truly understand I will tell you a little about us!  I will not, however, list all of them, so I will only list ten!

Random things that we like to do:
1) When we are mad (at people, situations, or having a bad day) for example, we took eggs that have gone bad, and some clementines that went bad, and we threw them at trees and pretended they were that one, two, three things...
2) When we get bored, or we just feel like doing something, we will stop what we are doing and just go on road trips...
 { This was us on the way to Tusclum College, for a boys soccer game! }

3) We like to act like we are truly twins.
4) She likes to babysit my puppy, Linix, even though I am in the other room!
5) She gives me shit back...not many people do this.  Well, you always have those annoying haters, that call out random shit and truly are hateful people, but then you have people who do it out of love :)
6) She is lactose intolerant, and I like to take her out for Sweet Frog, because it is her favorite please to go...EVER...
7) If she is having a bad day, I like to take her to school/grocery store/whatever floats your boat, and I like to blare, "Wannabe" by Spice Girls and just jam and bounce around in my car!
8) Honestly, she is all around, one of the most amazing people I know.  She has truly made a difference in my life, and having a little like her, I just dont think could ever compare.
9) The first day I met her was on her 20th birthday, and I had no idea who she was, but I found out some interesting news, cussed someone out on the phone for making her cry on her birthday, and hung up.  Then the night consisted of her laughing, inviting me to dinner and us clicking from that point on.
10) Randomness at its finest: We like cashews, only I can call her some of the things I do, she is the only one that can call me a b$*%h without me punching her :), we strive for the same goals, our friendship/sisterhood/relationship will never end, I know we will communicate every day when we part when I graduate in May and she moves on to her dream school.

She is one of those people that you can be sitting across the table, someone can say something stupid, irrelevant, rude and we will look at eachother at the exact same time and just make the "Stank Face," "Bitch please Face," "Roll your eyes Whatever Face," or we just bust out laughing. 
She might be my sister via sorority, but she's more than that.  I swear, God separated us at birth in the womb, because no one could handle us as blood sisters...

All in all, the point is to say, go for you want, because you never know what will come of it!  My little is one of my best friends (I only have 4) and I cannot imagine my life without her...

So if you are thinking about joining a sorority, I say go for it!  It's awesome, fun, filled with love and makes your life a little more amazing!


PS - After this post, I am about to take her out in the thunderstorm we are having right now, to dance in the rain!

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