Monday, April 8, 2013

The Down's, Up's and Puppy Ice Cream Cups

Awe, puppies are so cute!
They are just so full of joy, and happiness, and cuteness, and fun, and adorable, and and and...

{Linix "I chew on everything" Herre}
{Age: 1 year and 3 months}
{Rescue Puppy}

{Fun Fact: this picture is the first day we met Linix, and took her home!}
{There's a photo of Adam and Linix at the end :)}

This cute little thing, adopted in June of 2012,  decided it would be great to eat anything and everything in sight.  Yes, I know she was a puppy, she was only 4 months old when we got her, but I thought that after time she would, you know, STOP eating everything.

Within about two weeks, she ate 8 pairs of my shoes, not just one, but both shoes within the pair.  But, just recently she ate her dog bed, and when I say ate, I mean ATE, I wish I had a picture for you!  So, due to her lovely eating habits, Adam and I went out and bought another bed, and since she likes the memory foam of our bed, we decided to get her that type of doggie bed, thinking she wouldn't chew at it if we got her something she really enjoyed; nope, she ate it, but not bad, we took it away before it got worse!

But, all in all, you can't stay upset with her, because, well, just look at that face.  So, the point of this post is to help you other Mummy and Daddy's to their puppies out there, be able to [hopefully] distract them from plowing their path with their chompers.

 Cassie's List of Puppy Yummy's:

  1. Nylabone! - they come in all shapes and sizes, but recently I found this site, and they sell them for cheap and they even have a Dinosaur Nylabone.
  2. KONG - I think buying this, was the smartest decision I made for Linix, she does not stop playing with it!  And, it doesn't break apart!  Splurging on the KONG is something I highly recommend; they have them for all ages of doggies.  I put peanut butter, treats, or greek yogurt inside!
  3. Ice Cream! - This might sound crazy, but making doggie ice cream is cheap and healthy.  I found this recipe on Pinterest, but I couldn't find it to give you the link, but I memorized the recipe:
    • 1 banana
    • 1 cup peanut butter (up to your discretion)
    • 2 cups natural yogurt or greek yogurt
    • 2 tbls honey
  • Smash the banana, stir with yogurt.
  •  Warm the peanut butter (this makes it easy to stir in)
  • Mix err'thing together!
  • Put into an ice cube tray, or some people use an empty egg carton.
  • Freeze over night!
Alright, y'all that is all I have for tonight!  I hope this helped in some way!


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