Monday, June 3, 2013

Exhaustion at its FINEST!

Hey Y'all!

I hope your weekend was full of fun and relaxation!

I wanted to give y'all a short blog on wearing yourself too thin!  I truly know what it is like to be exhausted and have too much on your plate, and I know many of you know what it is like as well!

During school, I took 25-26 credit hours per semester on top of being a Resident Director, SGA President, creator and choreographer of the Dance Company, and being in a sorority, I was like the energizer bunny and just didn't stop!  I was also planning my wedding on top of all this!

But, now I am working, almost everyday, and I forgot how worn out you become as a waitress.

I work at the most amazing place, ever!  But, when you work doubles 3 or more days in a row, you get so tired and drained, especially on a weekend!

The point of this is to tell you a truth about exhaustion and its affects and to remind you to not work too hard or too much to the point of unhealthiness.

Obvious signs are: weakness, fatigue, tiredness, lack of comprehension, emotional state, etc.

But what I want to go over with you is some of the things that I believe you should do (I NEED to do) in order to help you along the road of exhaustion.

  2. Exercise!
  3. Go out and do something crazy.
  4. SLEEP!!!

When I say drink water, I mean it!  It not only hydrates you, but it is super good for you as well!
It is one of the most easiest things you can do for you body to improve yourself INSIDE and OUT! So let's think and list only SOME  of the things that water provides for you...
- clear skin
- skin tightness
- glossy hair
- reduction of fine lines
- healthy feeling all over
- natural detox
- less cellulite
Drinking water keeps you properly hydrated and reduces fatigue, and performance in general.

Exercise! This one is self explanatory and it shows what good it can do for your body!  I'm not sayin' go out and run 5 miles, cycle a little and then lift...because even I don't do that.  I would love to at some point in my life when I have time, but with my job, I work from morning until normally morning, and I try to sleep somewhere in there!  But, anywho, what I mean by exercise is go out there and walk... 

walk your dog, walk your cat, walk your boyfriend, walk your fish...I don't care, just walk.  

 And that will be a good place to start! 
When I say, go out and do something crazy, it isn't necessarily a cure for exhaustion...but for me it is pure fun and happiness!  It makes your life a little bit more, unique!
For example, the other day, my little crazy was getting another piercing, and they happened to be back dermals!
I love doing something outrageous because honestly, sometimes, it just makes you feel good!  So go out there and do something ridiculous!  I'm not saying you have to get a piercing, I'm saying do something that makes you happy, that makes you different!  If you collect things, add to your collection.  If you like tattoos, get another one (make it mean something). If you like ice cream, go out on a limb and try a new ice cream at your local Ben and Jerry's!  Just go out there and live your life!

and lastly, Sleep!
It is self explanatory as well!  Good rest really makes everything better.  Make sure you get on a regular sleep pattern and make sure you ARE getting your sleep.   It is IMPORTANT!
Faster metabolism...sleep
Feeling good...sleep
Not Exhausted...sleep
And many more, so please GET YOUR SLEEP! 

Love y'all!



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