Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mrs. Marie Grindstaff's Wedding!

Hello y'all! 
I hope you are doing fabulous on this fine Tuesday, or whatever day you are reading this! J
This past weekend was absolutely amazing!  My best friend, Marie, got married! She was/is so beautiful!

I just wanted to let you all in on this wonderful experience I had, not only going to a wedding where the family accepts you right away and you feel like you are a part of it, but being a bridesmaid for your best friend!
On June 6th, Adam and I set out for a wonderful day to Elk Park, North Carolina for the newlyweds Rehearsal!  It was so fun!  Rehearsals are all different! Let me tell you, when I was a junior bridesmaid for my Step-Momma, the rehearsal was very nice, and they actually went through the priest’s words and whatnot, as well as the recession of the bridal party and we practiced a couple times.  
Adam was in a wedding not too long ago, and that rehearsal went on forever, and I was not invited (which is not an issue with me at all, I completely understand!) and then they also rehearsed the entrance for the bridal party into the reception as well.  And it took a couple hours!  Then for Marie’s we came in, stood around and did a little meet and greet, waited on everyone to come and then rehearsed walking down the aisle, where we were going to stand and then that was it, short and sweet. We practiced twice!

So with this, everything is different, everyone’s rehearsal is different, and it truly made me reconsider what Adam and I want to do for our rehearsal dinner as well!  But, the rehearsal dinner was fabulous, it was like a family BBQ and we just chatted and had a wonderful time.  Oh!! And it POURED down rain at the dinner and we all had to be driven to our vehicles via a golf cart looking thing!  It was so epic, funny and awesome!

Moving on to the next day, the 7th, Mary (Marie’s little sister) I also like to call her my little sister, Taco, Paco, Myrtle,  graduated from high school!!! And she looked so beautiful! (Pictures to come, promise) I am so wicked proud of her!
Then June 8th, 2013, my best friend, Melina Marie (Erwin) now Grindstaff, got married to a WONDERFUL man, Andrew Grindstaff! I am so happy for them.  The wedding was so beautiful, and very much full of love.  Marie and I took many photos while waiting for the wedding to start.  I wasn't allowed to state the time though, because it made Marie even more nervous!! But, I would cough it, if someone asked. Lol

Andrew teared up, and when I got to the front of the church he looked at me and I smiled huge, and gave a thumbs up.  When Marie walked down, I think that the whole church just stopped and held their breath.  Marie was just drop dead gorgeous and I was so honored to be a part of her big day!
The reception was fantastic, and again, very much them.  They had mason jars as their wedding glasses, BBQ as the dinner (phenomenal)  and they were surrounded by family and love.
It was such a awesomely awesome day and I loved it, as well as everyone else.  

For every blog, I normally leave you with something to remember, so after this beautiful weekend, this is what I believe everyone should remember!

“If she’s freaking out, kiss her forehead, hug her and call her beautiful…

If she growls, throw chocolate at her from a safe place.”


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