Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just Do It!

Hey Y'all!

I have been having a hard time trying to figure out what to write for y'all for a while now.  So, I think giving you an update with a little advice is what will be amazing!

So, I no longer work for my "big girl" job, it was something that I wasn't truly happy with.  I would sit up with Adam and night and just cry and cry and cry.

So, now I know what I am going to let you  know about guys! DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! 
Remember that! It took me a little bit to really understand what I needed to do and that because I realized. I didn't give it all to Him!  I was struggling with myself, I wasn't doing what was on my path that He already made for me.  I knew what made me happy, what He gave me as my gift, He made me caring. 
I am a person that is happy when I make others happy.  When I was working this job, I worked from home, which was a poor decision on my part because I am young and I know that I need that social interaction.  

Funny enough y'all, I was at my hairdressers, which is where they say you talk about everything and anything and you always get advice you didn't think of.  So, as I was talking to my hairdresser, she said to me, "Cassie, you need to put Him first, you need to truly make him a priority, and give it all to Him."  Finally guys, I did it, I gave it to God, I put Him first, I may not have the best record with praying or going to Church, but I am making it a priority, with Adam. 

I can tell you now y'all, that life is doing better.  We are still struggling, but this is apart of my journey, this is apart of the road that I am traveling with my God walking with me, and Adam with me, and my fur-babies! 

I have been thinking, I have been procrastinating, and I have been struggling!  Life is tough, but the one thing that he has made clear to me is Do something that makes you happy, Cassie.  So, even though it has been a while, I finally got His message today, LOUD AND CLEAR and I sat here thinking about what makes me happy.  I was thinking about starting with a program similar to Mary Kay and then I started getting panic attacks, so I am pausing that for a while until I am comfortable.  
And then, I thought about what makes me happy.  And like I stated above, I am a person that is happy when I make others happy.  So, I have been looking to further my education in Graduate programs that I feel are a perfect fit for me!

Y'all, please follow your heart, and your happiness.  At the end of the day, are you going to be satisfied or wishing you did something this way or that way? Or wish that you followed your dream when you were little?  
Follow your dreams, don't let anything hold you back.  Think of what you would do if money wasn't an issue.  Would you go that further step and continue your education? Would you go to more auditions  for acting? Would you start that business you've always wanted to?

DO IT! Give it all to Him and just do it!

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