Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Do you have "Ruff Lips"? :: Balm Review

Oh My Goodness, y'all! I just got my Ruff-Lips Lip Balm in the mail!!

It is fantastic, it goes on really simple, it smells amazing and the BEST part of it all, 10% of all profits go to Animal Rescue Shelters! Isn't that great guys?

I am a HUGE lip balm fanatic, I collect EOS Egg Lip Balms, Soft Lips, Nivea, etc!  So when I heard that my Sorority Sister, Kelsey was making these All Natural, Organic Lip Balm, I knew that I had to try it!



I ordered the Peppermint and the Orange balms. There is something about the scents that you are just attracted to immediately and it is strong, yet when you put it on your lips it is not too over-powering.


These balms go on so easily, y'all. They are really soft and creamy, you can feel it moisturizing your lips immediately.  When I put the balm on, it's smooth and has a long lasting wear.  My lips actually feel so much better after using this, especially with all this crazy weather in the Queen City.


1 container as seen here:

The label is unique from the little puppy face, cute colors, to the bubbly font.  As stated on her site, these yummy lip balms can be anything from an everyday gift, to great stocking stuffers. And AGAIN, 10% of profit goes to Animal Rescue Shelters. I just cannot handle how amazing that is, giving back to all those fur-babies.


Only $3.25 a container, which is a fantastic price for the balm being all natural and organic!


Local North Carolina Honey
Organic Bee's Wax
Organic, Unrefined Coconut Oil
Essence Oil (Orange, Peppermint, Lemongrass

On top of all these great qualities that Ruff-Lips provide, I can also GUARANTEE you that the owner is phenomenal, and she has also said that if you do not LOVE Ruff-Lips, then she will give you your money back and a letter saying sorry.  That is how sweet she is, y'all!

Side Note - I doubt that you won't like it.  Spoiler Alert - It's creamy and great!

Order as many as you want, guys!  1, 3, 200, whatever - Ruff-Lips will provide!

GO GET SOME NOW! It goes to a great cause! :)

Lipstick & Squats,

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