Monday, May 12, 2014

DIY :: Mother's Day Survival Kit Gift

Hello Everyone! I hope that your Mother's Day weekend was fabulous.

So, I wanted to refer back to my May Post for y'all today.  I mentioned in there that I wanted to show more appreciation for others (especially those close to me).
  • Truly show appreciation for others more.  This is really self explanatory, but I want to show people out there, either it be family, friends or random strangers, more acts of kindness.  Pay it forward, y'all.
This past weekend, in honor of Mother's Day, I wanted to show you guys what I did for my wonderful Step-Mother.  Every family has their up's and down's, the good and the bad times, but in the end we always came together and loved each other.

For this mother's day, I was in North Carolina, and couldn't go up and celebrate, so I decided to send her a Mother's Day Survival Kit!  It is the perfect gift that will make her smile.  It is also very affordable, it's the perfect DIY Gift for mom this year (future years).

I call this the - Mother's Day Survival Kit

Included ::
  • Mother's Day Card
  • Mini Bottle of Tequila - "For the times you need a shot : Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lime and a shot of tequila."
  • Mini Hand Lotion - because I know how much my mother loves lotion. And she can keep it in her purse!
  • Green Tea Body Wash - Her favorite color is green, and this stuff is natural and smells phenomenal!
  • Loofa/Lufa -Fresh lufa, for her new body wash.
  • Chocolate Covered Pomegranates - THESE ARE DELICIOUS! They are from Brookside.

You put this all in a box, either a postage box, or a pretty box (if you are home) and just include a cute little note, like above and explain what it is.  That this is a little slice of heaven for them, for all the years they put up with you, and all the years there are left!

I hope that you all love this and can use this for future gift ideas, or for a Mother's Day gift for next year!

Y'all are fabulous.  Stay happy, guys!

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