Thursday, June 12, 2014

Paper SkyScraper in the Queen City

Big News, y'all!  I got a "big girl" job, and Team Herre is MOVING!
There will be a post later about that, and what I will be doing.  But, because of this, of course I had to go out and do a little shopping, especially in the Queen City before we leave.

It was a long day, so as any person would want in order to balance out their week, we are in the same boat, so Be Yoga Carmel was the spot for me, with the most amazing yoga instructor, Ashley.  She has a way of strengthening who you are as a person and it feels so good when we am done. (it also helps that I have been getting some top abs!)

Afterwards, I was out with some amazing people eating at a fabulous restaurant called, Cantina 1151, it was so good - you have to go. And I was told about this little knick knack store called, Paper Skyscraper, it was the CUTEST!

Paper Skyscraper is the PERFECT gift store,no matter what the occasion is, they have whatever you want or need.  Their stationary choices are outstanding, their frames are super unique, candles/scents/lotions are great, and they have so much more!

I found a few things that I loved and HAD to get!  One was a gift for Adam and I, for us as a couple.

It is one of those envelope seals, that people used back when snail mail was popular.  This is a letter "H" seal.  All you do is melt some wax, put it over the envelope and then press the letter on it.  I'll post whenever we use it, we are going to wait for when we move! 

Knowing that ladies have a good amount of jewelry, I have never had a good place to put my rings, until I found a ring holder at Paper Skyscraper and it is the coolest thing ever.

This funny Office Notepad is the perfect assets for my new job. I work with some amazing people, who are funny, believe in a wonderful work environment, and importance of a team.

After my arms piled up I knew there was something else that I needed to start off my new job in style, a frame.  Yes, guys, a frame.  I want my desk to be black, white and gold. So, out of luck, I found the cutest gold frame, that is super unique and good quality.

And lastly, y'all know my obsession with candles and yummy smelling stuff, so I had to get a candle and by far, it is my favorite scent ever!

Paper Skyscraper is amazing, guys! Check it out, off of East Boulevard, Charlotte! (PS - it is dog friendly)

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