Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Southern, Sweet and Sexy Bridal Shower!

Hello Everyone!!

This past Saturday was my lovely bridal shower; thrown by my wonderful Maid of Honor and fantastic bridesmaids!

My Outfit:
- Dress, Forever21 ($20)
- Cardigan, Forever21 (over 3 years old)
- Watch, Target ($18) 

It was a southern, sweet and sexy theme!  All of my beautiful and amazing guests had to wear pastel dresses/skirts, all of the food was sweet things (such as yummy cupcakes, cookies, etc) and everything paired deliciously with our southern sweet tea and lemonade!

But, I wanted to share photos from this event to give you all ideas!  I am so blessed to have such caring friends and family around me!  This event was so fantastic and full of such love and happiness!

The centerpiece for the main table.

The little white bucket in the middle of the table is something that is a super cute idea I forwarded to my ladies!  What you do, is get a mason jar, the cute bucket, a cute little holder that will hold all of the wide tongue depressors.  Then get each lady at the bridal shower to write down future date ideas for you and your future husband.  The fun part about it (what you should do) is not look at them at all until you pull them out for your date! 
But for the sake of this wonderful blog, below is an up-close look at these date ideas!

These three date ideas are as follows:
1) Take a trip to NYC and look at the skyline from the Stevens U. Campus! <3 Carrie
2) Go buy tacky clothes at Goodwill and dress each other for a dinner date.
3) WET n' WILD!

100th Anniversary for Mason Jars; so they come Blue! and these AWESOME straws I saw on Pinterest, that I really wanted! :)

Card Bucket!
When designing a cute atmosphere one of the things that my ladies did, is made sure that there were little trinkets everywhere.  Above, is a cute tiffany's colored luggage box (for the cards and pictures) and next to it was a bird cage with random note cards for anything, and surrounded with beautiful flowers.  Small, yet a cute and important impact!

A cute little "Photo Booth" area in the next room!
A little Photo Booth action with my future Mother in Law!

My Maid of Honors Momma, Me, and Adam's Momma!

NOW! Let's get this PARTAY started!
The first photo is of me with my "Getting Hitched" sign! From my bridal shower, only 21 days! But, now, its only 17 days away! Can you believe it?
Time goes by so fast!

Below are some of the gifts that I received as the soon to be Mrs. and how to captivate my future husband in different ways! ;)

My first pair of candy undies! 

 Oh my goodness, ironically this was the first gift I opened and I turned BRIGHT RED! It was so funny and brought so much laughter!  I loved it!  Although, because Adam's mom was there, I was not going to be too forward, but then BAM, she started cracking jokes, like "Adam does have a sweet tooth."

My first apron! 
This will interest my hubby-to-be because he just LOVES my cooking!  Not saying I'm going to be a Housewife (which I would be fine with), but my role as a wife is to make my husband happy, and as the old saying goes: "The way to a man's heart is through is stomach."  So, it is safe to say that Adam loved this gift :) Thanks, Carrie!

In this photo I was crying and trying to dry away my tears with what made me start this lovely, tear jerker.  A good friend of mine, Kim wrote something that just tugged at my heart strings and I just couldn't stop.

The reason why, is because one of the things that each lady did when they came to the bridal shower, was bring their favorite picture of themselves with me, and write down their favorite memory of us.  This is something I truly loved.  I got to see so many photos with these lovely ladies, and I got to experience our wonderful memories all over again.

Adam's Momma and Me!
One of the activities that was continued throughout the party as a whole was the "Save the Date" Game.  I had purchased my FAVORITE Lilly Agenda and brought it to the shower.  Knowing that the married life is not only that of a difficult, yet beautiful journey, it also sometimes makes it difficult for you to always keep up with friends and make sure that you still have your girl time!

Having this agenda be new and open provided open dates for my ladies and I to still have our bonding time after the wedding!  They would choose 2 or 3 dates throughout the year that we both would have to keep!  It's a wonderful and polite way of saying "HEY! This date is mine!" (with the exception Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc)

My Lilly!

2 of my Girly dates!

The dates above are:
1) December 14th - A Raleigh or Charlotte date with Jo Jo Bear (one of my bridesmaids and best friends)
2) December 20th - Come over for Christmas movies - With Cara (my beautiful friend, whose husband is a groomsman!)

We played other games throughout the party and snacked and talked all the time!  

 Introduction of my BEAUTIFUL Bridal Party!

My Wonderful Maid of Honor and Myself!

My Little Duckie, Joanna!

Sexy Mamasita, Kalen!! 

The beautiful Meredith!

The Bridal Shower was such a wonderful time!  I am so happy I got to spend it with such loving people!  I hope you get ideas, follow ideas, pin ideas, share ideas, and create your dream day!



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