Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Duckie's 21st BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!

This Wednesday, the 28th of August, was not only my little Duckie's 21st birthday, but it also marks the anniversary of us meeting!

This explains not only the night, but our friendship!  Haha!  Me (on the right) the whole night - "Hold on Joanna, Let me get a picture of this!! Oh, and by the way this was a picture of her taking a sip of her first legal drink. She is just growing up so fast!  She has come so far!  
Her other best friend, Lilly, planned a huge dinner for her at a local Mexican restaurant in Greensboro, and I drove there with her lovely list of 21 things to-do on her 21st birthday!
Another one of her friends made her this delicious cake that Joanna had to live up to. Her "GET TRASHED!"  cake.
Drink Up, Jo Jo Bear!
What all of you all might be wondering is, "What is all of this talk about a 21 things to-do on your 21st list?"  What some people do for their friends on their 21st birthday is provide a large poster board, normally in the shape of a 21 with a OUTRAGEOUS list of things to do. (what I put on there is listed below, with pictures, for some.  Feel free to take ideas from it.)  Below is a before picture of the "21" sign, before I put glitter everywhere and before Jo took it and got raunchy.  ;)

At the end of this blog you will see the finished/glitterfied/checked off poster!  I have seen other photos of this list in the form of a crown or just a plain poster board, and normally has a feather boa attached to it, to act as a necklace...but I don't have a Michaels near me :( sad day for a crafter.  Joanna just put the whole thing around her neck!  But, let me give you a list of what was on the list I made for BIG BOOTY JO!  

Big Booty Jo's List of 21 things to-do:

  1. Take a birthday cake shot
  2. Ride a Bull!
  3. Kiss a stranger
  4. Take a picture with the police...whoop whoop
  5. Drunk dial the 21st person in your phone
  6. PINCH a guys ass
  7. Dance with a stranger  in cowboy boots
  8. SCREAM "IT'S MY 21st BIRTHDAY" in a crowded bar
  9. Have the bartender make you a special drank
  10. Take a BODY SHOT
  11. Have a SEXY photo of you taken every time you go to the bathroom
  12. Get a body shot done off of YOU! ow ow!!
  13. Take a beautiful photo taken of you with your ID
  14. Get UP and DANCE on a table
  15. Give someone random your number
  16. Get a LAP DANCE!
  17. Have a stranger buy you a drink! (any alcoholic drink!)
  18. Ask someone random to sing you Happy Birthday!
  19. Make a toast
  20. Keep your first drink glass (Ask, nicely)
  21. Make a wish, dream of your future, live in the moment, and have the time of your life. <3
Below, are only some of the photos for y'all!  I didn't want to include all because it's just a lot of photos, and she wouldn't be too pleased if I put them up, and for example, the police didn't want the photo up!

Bull Ride BEFORE

Bull Ride AFTER
Taking a BODY SHOT off of someone!
Sexy photo taken EVERY time you go to the bathroom!

Getting someone random to buy you a drink!

Beautiful photo taken with your ID

Joanna and Janine twerkin' on the clubs wall!

Giving someone random her number!

Getting a lap dance by a wonderful dancer at the club!

Jo and her dancer with Jo's sign!

We couldn't find cowboy boot dude, so lifting was a wonderful replacement!

My wonderful Instagram to help Joanna remember! (@blessthismesser)

Joanna and all of her wonderful friend celebrating her day of birth!

This bitch wanted ME to take the body shot off her!!! HAHA

It was yummy though!! :)

Our Happy Faces!  Good thing there was no belly button lint! haha

Joanna, before the festivities began!

And as I promised for you, the MORNING AFTER sign! In all of it's glory!
Morning After sign!
My Little Duckie and I after the night/morning ended!
Well, there you go y'all!  I hope you enjoyed this lovely 21st celebration via blog and I hope you felt apart of this wonderful day! 
Please, take all you need, use the ideas, take the night away, and enjoy life!
And like I put on Joanna's sign:

"Make a wish, dream of your future, live in the moment and have the time of your life!"



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