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Hey Y'all!

I hope your summer is absolutely fabulous!  I know I haven't posted in a while (and I say this every time) But now, that summer is coming to a close and I am going to have more time, rather than working from 10am until about 12:30am and still trying to find time to go to the gym...(sigh)  I will have time to do more blogs!! :)

Left to Right: Kenzie's Mom, Me, and Kenz

Well, to go on what the title was all about!  My best friend's mom gave to Kenz (my bffl) and I a beautiful trip to Puerto Rico, in honor of our 21st birthdays!  We stayed at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan.  And boy, was that place spectacular and had a fantastic island vibe.

Let me tell you our itinerary real quick, because some of the things we did, we couldn't take photos, or we were having too much fun to bring out our phones!

August 1st: We left for Atlanta, Georgia (because it was cheaper to fly out of Atlanta, than Charlotte)
- We get to Georgia!
- Stayed at the Hilton in the city.
- Had our birthday drinks a tiki restaurant, and just lovely conversation (as usual)
- Went back to our hotel room, ordered some wonderful gluten free, flourless chocolate cake and green tea ice cream!

August 2nd: We left for PUERTO RICO!
- Got to the hotel, and ordered our Mai Tai's and Mint Mojito (for Momma)
- Went to "Lemongrass" restaurant

After this we lost track of days and time (just like you will, when you go) but, we did the following:

- Spent our days at the beach and pool, and the bar pool (yummy)
- went on a Bioluminescent kayak tour (AH-MAZING!) this is where everything in the water glows!

{To tell you a little bit about this tour, we actually were able to do something that was not in the tour plans.  One of the guides that was off duty, became friends with Kenz and I and he took our glow stick off of our kayak, and we veered off from the group and went to the middle of the beautiful lagoon, and he let us get out of our kayaks, and our PFD's and we just swam in the water with everything around us, and we GLOWED! It was such an exciting, monumental experience, and I recommend that EVERYONE attends one of these tours!  We did it with Island Adventures Biobay.  So professional, and life-changing.}

But, to continue our journey, we ate at more wonderful restaurants, had great day at the beaches.  And on our last night before we left this phenomenal island, we visited Old San Juan.  Where we met a puerto rican Adam, we found the most amazing dreamers on the sidewalks, handmade jewelry,  and the perfect place to spread some of my moms ashes.

For those of you who don't know (which is most), a promise I amde with my mom is that after she passed, everywhere that I would go, I would take her with me, she will travel the world with me!  SO, I found a great place :)

Without further ado, here are some pictures and some story telling along the way, of the great trip!

Atlanta, Georgia (After dinner)

On the PLANE to Puerto Rico!!!

First Mai Tai's!

Me and my bird friend!

'92 babies! Happy Birthday to us!

Beautiful Momma, and I!

We like to have a little fun on our way back from the beach!

Yay for clear water!! <3

You can see all the way down to our toes!

Cheers, from the beaches of Puerto Rico!

Our bird friends!

Drinking our Dragon-berry Mojito!

The infamous Dragon-berry Mojito

All in all, this was a eye-opening, amazing, life-changing vacation!  It was much needed, and much appreciated!  So, Thank you times a million to Kenzie's Momma because without her this trip wouldn't have happened, and it wouldn't have been as much fun! <3




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