Thursday, April 17, 2014


Lately, I have been obsessing over active wear!
Well, let's start with the question, who doesn't love new clothes?!?

Calvin Klein Performance wear
 But, I have to let you in on my little secret(s) - Y'all I don't pay full price!
Marshalls and TJMaxx are my go to! Oh yes, and Rack Room Shoes (for my Nike shoes)

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The AWESOME detail of the back.
This shirt was originally about $40.00 and I got it for $14.00


There are so many things out there telling you what to wear to the gym, and what styles and brands to wear.  To be completely honest I think it is up to us, what or who we want to wear.  The workout clothes make me feel good, they give me that extra umpf I need to push me to workout, run, or lift.

New Balance Sportsbras 
Adidas crop pants

MPG Shorts
 Y'all, these shorts are AWESOME!  I have never heard of MPG Active wear - which is why I love Marshalls, because You find out new things!  These have a great design, and built-in spandex, YES, built-in spandex.  And when you look at their website their clothes are super cute and trendy!

Lululemon Shorts
I am hoping that this will inspire y'all to love active wear as well!   They are like yoga pants, they just feel right.  And if you're gunna get out there and be on your way to fit and healthier, fabulous lifestyle, then why not do it in a fun way?

There are so many options out there now, you have your typical active wear from Adidas, New Balance, and Nike and then you have your unique ones like Lululemon (which I love!)

Keep it up, y'all! You got this!

I love you all!

Lipstick & Squats

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