Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Queen City Birthday Celebration

Hi Guys!!

I have been meaning to post this Birthday post for a long time, like since March 2nd, but my busy schedule has prevented me from editing this long post until today!  But I still wanted to share it with y'all! BECAUSE IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!! :) And I wanted y'all to feel like you were there with me!

I am not one to brag, so please do not think that I am y'all! But, I just wanted to explain my love for all of my friends and family that came out to celebrate with me in the Queen City, and my new found love for a restaurant called Villa Francesca!

From the beginning, I woke up to a beautiful day that God gave us!  It was warm and sunny and it smelled like spring!
Adam surprised me with my FAVORITE Starbucks beverage - the White Chocolate Mocha - ErhMerGerd, it is just so delicious, and with a pecan danish! :)

Then, Adam wanted me to open the presents he got me!
The first one is the Diamond Candle.  Y'all - Diamond Candle is one of my favorite things ever! I found out about this wonderful company about three years ago, and then out of no where between 2013 and 2014, it has become super popular!
But, any who, Adam got me the scent called "Sweety Pea" which tugs at my heart strings because Sweet Pea is what my Mum used to call me, and he got it for that reason!
But enough about that, a Diamond Candle is a 26 ounce candle that has a ring, that is worth $10, $100, $500, $1,000, or $5,000 in every yummy smelling, soy candle.

This is the beautiful candle! (My favorite color is purple by the way!)  And as of about 10 minutes ago, I found the little folded foil in my candle and this is what it revealed...

Adam also got me a double tea kettle, and single cup from Tea Forte. It is loose tea strainer duo within the items.  I love tea, I love trying new teas, loose tea, Tiny Tea, everything!!!

Double Tea Pot!
The Up-Close of the cherry blossoms!
 As you know y'all, I am from Maryland, so cherry blossoms have been a part of my whole life! It was really touching how all of my lovely gifts (that no one had to get me) were so 'me' and who I am deep down, where I come from, what built me.

The focus is on the strainer! :)

After a wonderful afternoon making Cake Pops, and tying bows on the mini wine bottles as my party favor for my guests, we made our way to Villa Francesca in the Queen City.
This little Italian place, y'all, is AH-MAZ-ZING! The wait staff that took care of my party were on point, they took care of everything, complimented me all night and my guests, and the food was so so fabulous!
One of my best friends, Olivia, bought me a drink over the phone because she couldn't be there in person!  The bartender made me this fantabulous drink, called "The Dirty Princess." I had about 4 of them! They were just so yummy!

Another thing that I love to do at parties, is leave lovely little party favors that I believe everyone would enjoy!  (Spoiler Alert of what I made was already stated.)  As you all know, I LOVE making cupcakes, actually I just love baking, so I made Funfetti Cake-Pops and mini bottles of everyone's favorite wine, which I got Sutter Home wine from our local place called Frugal MacDoogal!

I love spoiling people!  I love giving and surprising people with things! :)  It is just the bees-knees, y'all!

In return, I did get spoiled by my friends :: here is a quick pic! 

From left to right & from who ::
* A cute apron with my monogram on it! - Joanna
* Blender Bottle/Shaker (Green) - Chris and Cara
* Diamond Candle - Adam
* Lululemon Shorts (blue&green) and shirt (black) - Meredith
* Canvas (hand-painted) & girl scout cookies- Sydnie
* Tea Forte - Adam
* Be Flirty Wine - Lily
* Merlot Wine - Kalen and Jordan
* Bailey's Coffee Cup - Adam
* Red Blender Bottle with black top and funnel - Emily
* Flowers - Adam
* Lovely cards - Everyone

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday celebration, and you should definitely consider having your birthday in the BEAUTIFUL Queen City!

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