Saturday, July 5, 2014

lets make new traditions

America is 238 years young today!

Being married gives you the opportunity to create your own traditions.  Of course, with Christmas and such, you're wanting to use a lot of traditions from your childhood, but this July 4th, we decided to make our own tradition and then continue to add to it!

As Adam and I settle into our new home, in a new place, we asked ourselves, what are we going to do this Independence Day?  We both worked at the Whitewater Center in Charlotte for the past three years, so we worked, witnessed amazing fireworks, and listened to great music with friends.  This being our first July 4th in a different city we knew we wanted to try something new.
And it dawned on us, let's go hiking!
July 4th came upon us, we got out of bed, made ourselves some delicious smoothies, packed up the camelbacks, the fur-babies, snacks, dog biscuits and a map, and made our way to Pilot Mountain for a day of hiking.

Our independence day hike was absolutely sunny, exhausting, fun, tiring, beautiful and such a great bonding experience for us and our fur-babies.  
This is definitely a new Herre tradition that we will continue annually.  Being an outdoorsy family with a fit and healthy lifestyle,  a day hike fit us perfectly.  

Our exhausted babies.

Being sweaty and smelly, we came home took a shower, ate some dinner (which I will share my avocado, tomato, mozzarella salad) and headed out the door for some fireworks!  BUT FIRST, we stopped by our favorite frozen yogurt place, Sweet Frog, and picked up some desert to eat while we all (including our fur-babies) snuggled in the back of Adam's truck.

Happy Birthday, America! and Thank you for a beautiful day!

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