Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Not so "Modern" Emmy Look

A lot of women came out to the Emmy's dressed to the nines!  Even though I fell asleep during the show, because I was super tired and had to be up early for the gym, I think I watched the best part.

It is young, it is elegant, and it is fabulous.  Y'all it is Sarah Hyland.  She was breathtaking.

Even her hair and make-up was the best that I have ever seen on her.  Normally, she dresses overly mature for her age, but this year at the 2014 Emmy's, she looked amazing, absolutely stunning.  

Sarah Hyland is known for her role as 
Haley Dunphy in Modern Family, as a typical independent teenager.  Casual clothing, dresses like a teenager, talks back to her parents, but she was not so "Modern" at the Emmy's, she was exquisite.
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