Sunday, August 31, 2014

Changing it UP!


XO, Cassie is a blog that started from Bless this Mess(er), to Sprinkle me Southern, to the current Xo, Cassie.  And that’s it guys, I’m Cassie, a woman trying to find her place in this world, with her wonderful husband, and two dogs.  I’m changing things up...

Now it is time, it is time for me to just put it all out there.  I am going to live.  I am going to tell you my about my successes and failures.  Things change, people change, you change, but that is life.  The more I think about “WHAT DO I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT NEXT?” – the more I just want to write, uncensored.  I am going to keep posting recipes, thoughts, ideas, DIY projects. But, again, more uncensored, a little extra sugar, and a whole lotta spice. ;)

I was born and raised a crab eating, Annapolis native, Maryland girl - now living down south in the BBQ lovin', Sweet Tea brewin' state of North Carolina.  I enjoy the south, but I still love my Maryland way of driving, the Patriots, and especially the crabs.  I have southern tendencies, because, well, we can only hear y’all so much until we start using it ourselves.  Did I mention I love/miss crabs?

I keep Old Bay in my purse, right next to my lip-gloss; but, I can still throw down when I need too.  I have recently been addicted to fitness, and cupcakes.  It’s what I like to do. Life is crazy, and you never know what is going to happen next.

I am not a professional chef.

I am not a therapist.

I am not soft-spoken.

I am a woman that is on a journey, trying to find my place in this crazy, beautiful world, while cooking some awesome stuff.  There is so much out there that we haven’t seen yet.  So why do we have to follow the rules?  We will miss all the fun.  This is me giving you permission to have fun doing  what you want, not that you need it.

I am a happy-go lucky type of person that says shit a lot.  I'm here to learn more about myself, love myself more, and give a whole lotta fucks about what I eat (good and bad)!  Join me!  Do this for you, too!

Good luck, y'all! If you need a kick in the ass then follow the journey, subscribe, all you gotta to do it put your email address in where it says to and then bam!  You get a pretty little email whenever I post awesome shit!   Lets get inspired people! Lets do this!

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