Friday, September 19, 2014

Currently in September

I was reading over a few blogs, and I stopped by a great blog called  "Brave Love" by Bailey Jean. Right now, she has the #BlogtemberChallenge happening, which I will try to post  for on the days that I can. Then I found her "Currently" post and I knew that it was a quick and fun thing to do for a blog post, to have my readers learn a little more about me, as well as my lovely habits - and it happens to land during the Blogtember Challenge! HA.  Read on guys, grab a glass of wine and some chocolate and lets get down to business.

...reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

...watching my New England Patriots kick off a great NFL Season!  And Rizzoli and Isles, not only only Season 2 & 3 that I have on DVD but the Current Season 5! Every time Adam and I watch it, we love it just like it was the first time we were seeing it.  But, to be completely honest, guys, my hubs and I are awaiting THE WALKING DEAD to come back on October 12th.  You have no idea how excited we are.  Parties and Zombie Cocktails galore.

...trying to find time for my hubs and myself. We spend every night snuggling together, which is so much better than it has been when he was commuting to Charlotte. But, we enjoy being together during day time too, where we could run errands together or just fix stuff around the house. 

...eating (just finished) my Ahi Tuna Salad with an Asian Vinaigrette. We went out with our volleyball team last night for some food and drinks after a great week.  It has been absolutely amazing to form these new friendships.

...pinning Fall EVERYTHING and DIY Home Decor. FALL IS HERE. and it is my favorite time of the year, plus who doesn't want to upgrade their space.

...tweeting about people who need to use their fucking indicator/blinker/turn-signal - whatever you call it, and how I follow more Dog Instagrams, than Person Instagrams. Follow me guys - @XO_CassieMarie.

...going to relax from my fun in Char-town last weekend for my BEAUTIFUL friends, Rae and Disco's wedding. I was honored to be apart of their day, and spend such a wonderful day celebrating their marriage as well as Adam's and my anniversary!

...loving working out every morning.  It is a positive start  to my day. and I get to spend it with my new friend, Jade, who has been helping me on my fitness journey, and pushing me to try new things!  Thanks, girl! <3

...discovering myself.  Guys, I can tell you - two posts ago, I was a pretty abrupt into opening a new chapter in my blogging zone to just try and find more about myself.  I am ready to just be me...not that I wasn't in earlier posts, I just need y'all to know that I am quirky, I wear my emotions on my sleeve, I say SHIT a lot, and I pretty much have an opinion about everything...which I will most likely share. 

...enjoying quiet time.  Snuggling with my puppies, and reading a book.

...thinking about what I need to make for dinner tomorrow, because I really don't feel like cooking.  Having errands to run, people to see, blogs to write, recipes to try out, ANDDD I am thinking about work this upcoming week and what I need to do ahead.

...feeling weirdly sore, but good.  As stated above, I have been working out every day.  But, this Monday I started a detox with Jade.  Oh my lanta, when it says it's going to clean out your intestines, it is NOT lying. -_-

...hoping for Adams schedule to be clear one weekend in November.  I have so many things planned for his birthday, but the way his schedule works, has him on and off different days, it isn't set - so I am hoping things will work out.

...listening to this beautiful young voice, Neece, as well as Sam Smith's version of Fast Car. It will melt your heart and you need to listen to BOTH NOW!.

...thanking Adam for him being here for me/for us. No matter what, he is my rock, he helps me through it all.  We have been through a lot since June.  From the transition to the new house, to  it taking a while for him to find a job, I am so thankful he has been by my side through it all.

...starting to drink a whole bunch of water.  I feel really dehydrated!

What about you?? What's going on in your month? Tell me all about it - or don't.  It's up to you, but it's always fun to gossip and trade stories.

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