Friday, September 5, 2014

One Year.

Our one year anniversary is coming up, and I could not be happier.  I have found the one that completes me, the one who makes my life whole, the one you is truly my soul mate.  But, this first year has been different too. We have definitely had our ups and downs.

Until this past Friday, he was actually commuting to Charlotte every week and that just tore me down.  He was here, and then he was gone, and then back again.  My heart was going through so much happiness and so much sadness every week.  But, that is apart of life, you have to deal with the down times in order to come through on the bright side.

That is something I pride myself on, I think of myself as the "glass half full" type of girl.  I have always tried to find the good in people, in situations, and in life.

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade - and add vodka.  LOTS OF VODKA!

Both of us work hard, that I wanted to do something special for our one year, the good and bad thing - he never wants anything!  He is so kind hearted, loving and full of support.  No matter what we are going through, he is always thinking of more ways to go about things.  Through rough times (which happen) to good times (which we have more of) - I am one lucky lady.

Then one day he looked at me, and said "Remember that Fossil watch you gave me for our first year together as a couple?" - Yes? - "Well, it's really worn out, maybe we could fix it?" - That's all that that he wanted, guys.  He wanted a new leather band for his watch.  I tried to buy him one of the automatic watches (which are gorgeous), but he didn't want me spending the money.  I tried getting him other things - he didn't want them!

The more I think about our first anniversary, the more I tried to google what to get your hubby...the more I didn't want to go with those typical boring presents.

So, I went out, fixed the watch, and I made reservations for the day after our anniversary, for a lovely dinner at a fine dining restaurant.  The reason why I am doing the day after, is because we are spending the 14th with our absolutely AMAZING friends Rachel and David as they celebrate joining their lives together. (The 14th is just such a great day to get married, guys!)

The more I think about it, the more I want to tell you,  FORGET about the typical anniversary gifts, forget about trying to please a tradition formed by society.  Do what YOU want!  Don't feel like you have buy your hubs something expensive, or something outrageous; we all have the rest of our lives for all of that!  Get something that they really want, just ask them - they will tell you eventually.

To be brutally honest, we aren't the type of people to worry about anniversaries, and everything.  We have the rest of our lives together.  We are just so blessed to be able to spend it with each other, surrounded by people we love, and a night full of happiness.

In marriage, no matter what day, what hour, what minute, or second, to know that you have a best friend that will stand with you throughout everything is refreshing, beautiful and powerful.  Life gets crazy, hectic, busy and overwhelming, and I am very lucky for Adam and him being my life-partner.  I love you, Lovebug.  Happy Anniversary.

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