Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Only 10 More Days, until I marry my Best Friend!

Wow!  Can you believe it?  Only 10 more days until I marry the love of my life!!

I am so excited, this has just been an amazing journey to get to this point.

Adam and I met in College my Freshman year (his Senior year) and it was...different, to say the least.   Let me give you all a little story about how we met!

The boyfriend before Adam,  broke up with me after two weeks, and I was really hurt.  I know this sounds dumb to be "hurt" by this, but I am the type of person that wears their heart on their sleeve and really starts to care for this person from day one.

BUT, ANYWAY! This guy broke it off with me, and I just wasn't looking, I wasn't on the market, I was just having a good time in college, meeting new people.  Well, it just so happens that I met this guy named Tyler, and he was in a frat and they were having a bonfire that night and he wanted me to come.  It also, just so happens, that Adam is in the fraternity... :)

Beautiful shot by Tyler :)

Freshman year, my Dad and I decided that I didn't really want a car there, because, well I had too many tickets, I didn't really know the area, and the town was so small that there really wasn't anywhere to go anyway!  To keep it short - I had no way of getting to Tyler's house for this bonfire!  So, he said, "Go to Wilys and ask for a guy named Adam, he will give you a ride."

Did you think it was that easy?  No.  -_-

I went to Wilys (a "bar and grill") which by the way is just fried, unhealthy food...but so much better than the nasty cafeteria food.  There were three people behind the counter, 2 guys and 1 woman.  So, I asked for which one of them was Adam. (Not the woman, of course) And both of the boys said "ME!" I was taken aback, I stuttered my next question..."uhmm, okay, which one of you will take me to the bonfire?,"  at this point I was guessing that they thought it was funny so they both said, "ME!"  I just rolled my eyes, and said "Which one of you knows Tyler?" and their response was the most lovely repetitive response, and so I asked my final question (by this point it was funny, yet I was annoyed) and asked "Which one of you is in the fraternity?"  and then y'all, my love of my life answered by himself!

And I'll make this a little bit quicker y'all, because I don't wanna lose ya!  But, I took his phone from him, put my number in it and told him to text me when he was off work. (No girl has ever done this to him before, whoot whoot)  SOOO, then he texted me, I met him at Wilys, with a friend of mine, we went to his suite first, my friend and I sat on his bed, he changed out of his work clothes in his friends room down the hall (Oh. My. Lanta. was he gorgeous) and then we were on our way.  But, first he had to pick up his friend Sam, which was cool, but then She came out of the dorm, yep, she....

My heart shattered :(  I mean, I just met this guy, I just got out of a relationship, but he was the first person that I actually looked at and met that just kept me interested without doing anything!  He was just so intriguing!  Whenever I meet ANYONE, I always put my full heart into our relationship with one another.  I care, and I love, so I will not give up on them and I will give them a friendship that they need or want because everyone deserves love.  Be that love.

So anywho, we went to the bonfire, and I hung out with Tyler and everyone else, and Adam was on the other side hanging with his friend and other people as well and I just didn't think anything would happen after that night!  But, I couldn't stay away, I wanted to talk to him, but I already said Thank you a million times, so...

My first text to Adam was "Your bed is so comfy" Yep, that's it!  I wasn't trying to flirt or be weird.  All I knew was that I really wanted to talk to him and have a reason too and even though it was stupid, look where it got us!  (By the way y'all, his response was "Thanks" haha)

But, from this text, it gave us the ability to talk a little bit and set up our first date.  Originally, it was going to be watching a movie at his suite because he was super sick and didn't really want to go out anywhere.  But, when he picked me up, we rolled the windows down, opened the sunroof, he looked up and turned to me and said, "Do you wanna go on a drive?"

We went to Brown Mountain Overlook, off of a road in Linville, NC!  We got out, laid in the bed of his truck and just stared at the stars and got to know each other.  The likes, the dislikes, what we had in common, jokes, we saw shooting stars, it was honestly a fairytale!  And being the gentleman that he is, he did not kiss me that night at all!

From there y'all, we hung out on the regular.  I was actually rehearsing everyday for a Musical that I was in (Into the Woods) and when it came time to perform, we had 4 performances, and he came to 3, with flowers and a bunch of claps and 'whoops' for me!  He truly such a Godly, and amazing man!

I went to Florida for Fall Break, and immediately when I got back, not even 20 minutes into being back at the dorm, he takes me on a date!  We went on a beautiful hike, to Little Lost Love Cove, and looked out over the edge, and absorbed all the beauty of the world in front of us.  As soon as it started getting dark, I told Adam that I wanted to start heading back, because I am afraid of the dark. (I know, I know, but for real, there are a good amount of us that are a little nervous when the lights go out.)  He said of course, but asked me to come see him for a second.

I went up to his gorgeous self, as he was leaning against a rock, and pulled me in close and said:

"This is so perfect with my girlfriend."

The day he asked me to be his girl! October 17th

My heart skipped a beat!  I was so happy!! WHAT?!? YES! OF COURSE! YAY!!!  I was so excited, and couldn't believe it!  I had him repeat himself and yell it to the wilderness in front of us!

And that is how we became each others lovely.

God has truly blessed me with the love of life, my soul mate and best friend.  I couldn't have asked for a more amazing person. 

I hope that when you find your soul mate, whomever it is, you feel as amazing as I do with Adam.  He makes me feel special and beautiful everyday.  I am truly lucky.




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