Friday, September 6, 2013


Good Afternoon, Y'all!!

Thank goodness it is Friday!  After a long week of work, and play and tears, I am happy to say it is the weekend (even though I work tomorrow too)!

I just wanted to start off this blog post making you smile!  Because YOU are beautiful, YOU are handsome, YOU are great and YOU are just amazing!  Yes, YOU!  And I am saying this, because every once in a while, everyone needs a lift! Everyone needs a moment to realize that they are a fabulous person.

This was my morning cup of coffee a couple weeks ago, on Instagram (@LittleMrsHerre) and I really wanted to share it with you!

Being in an environment where things are not always positive can take its toll on you.  You can develop a negative attitude or energy, or you can let it get you down, or worse, it can change you into someone you don't really like.  But, when I was re-stalking myself on Instagram, I came upon this picture and read what I wrote and really wanted to share it with you!

"I got my morning cup of coffee! ☕ I am ready to #savetheworld 😜💪- let's do this!  Remember to always keep a positive attitude and smile 😁👌because you never know who need that to make THEIR day better! 🙏 Happy Saturday!"

Some of us (like myself) always need a cup of coffee to wake me up in the morning; without it, I'm slow and in a grumpy mood.  Sometimes, I pull a Kalen and spill the coffee before I even get to the coffee maker...

But, I have a Keurig now, so it stops a little bit! HAHA 
With your coffee in hand, tiara on head, and cape on your back, know that you can rule the world.  Let nothing bother you.  Live for yourself, be yourself and be happy!   Why are you going to let others bring you down?  Things happen, friends come and go, people get hurt, you get hurt, and everyone has a different energy.  But, if you remain positive, it can rub off on others...

Like the ending, if you stay positive, if you stay happy, and if you stay with a smile on your face then you will make someone else happy!  You never know what a smile can do!



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