Friday, September 6, 2013

Be Love.

Day Three of BlogtemberPass on some useful advice or information you learned and always remembered. 

Useful advice comes in many ways...and what is humorous to me is that I have always been one to give advice.  I normally don't take advice well, because I just never have really been able to, I also don't ask for advice a lot.

As I pondered what to tell you all for the useful advice or information I learned, I went back to when I was just in a good place with my Momma.  We were sitting on the hospital bed, talking about life, just having a mother and daughter moment, when she looked at me and said something that I now live by EVERYDAY; Cassie, one thing that I want you to remember is to always...

"Be Love."

You may think, what does it mean to be love?
What it means, is that when you think of love, you it is something that you relate to happiness.  Love is (in Godly terms) patient, kind, unselfish, and in other terms, it is happy, perfect, and precious.  So, when I give you what I learned, remember and live by, I want you to take it and relate it to what YOU believe love is.

My mom said, "Be Love, because when you think about it, why can't you be something so caring, thoughtful, and pure as love?"

It's as simple as that.  It is a short piece of advice that doesn't need much explaining, but it has such a huge impact on the way you think and do things.  Living by this has really changed who I am as a person, and it has also changed my friends and others views of what they believe and how they changed after I explained my moms way of thinking and living.  I do feel like I am the person that always gives advice, for many different things.  If someone has an issue, or a question, I am the first person to say OH! Let me help you, or let me give you this advice! But, everyone is different and everyone has something different that they are going through, so not everyone needs the same advice or words of wisdom.  And when it comes to my moms words to, "Be Love," we all can relate on many levels, and we can all take it the way that we need to. 

Remember to Be Love.



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