Sunday, November 17, 2013

Adam's Birthday Mission Extravaganza!

Hello Y'all!

I have been waiting to wait to post this week because it is all of the things that I did for Adam's birthday this past Thursday!
My wonderful, amazing, handsome husband turned 25 this year! and I wanted to make our first birthday together as a married couple the most amazing one!

God has blessed me with such an amazing man as my husband, and I couldn't be more thankful for him!  So, for this birthday, and many birthdays to come, I made it super special!

The night before, on the 13th of November, I went out to Party City, and bought lots of balloons!  I bought 20 Happy Birthday balloons, the numbers 2 and 5.  I was going to fill up the living room with 25 balloons, but instead I wanted him to really wake up to it from the beginning, so I blew up 15 balloons,  and taped a note to each one, of reasons why I love him! (I placed the other 10 notes where he would see them when he would wake up: on his phone, in his slipper, on the bathroom mirror, in his truck, etc.)

Reasons why I love you:  (Adam’s birthday 2013)
  1. They way you sleep is the absolute cutest!
  2. You love me back
  3. You have the most amazing dreams, and I will always support you
  4. You are so so handsome!
  5.  I can’t imagine my life without you!
  6. You are a GREAT father to our little four-legged children
  7. You open up to me
  8. Reads my Blog (Even though I’m new)
  9. You do all the dishes
  10. You always take out the trash
  11. You taste all of my baked goods!
  12. You let me listen to Christmas music in July!
  13. Because you are my HUSBAND!
  14. The way you forgive me when I make mistakes!  I know I frustrate you, but you always forgive!
  15. Because you saw me when no one else did
  16. I know you love me, no matter what!
  17. The way you wear my headband when your hair is too long for your liking!
  18. You have a beautiful heart
  19. How you feel in love with New Zealand and my family!
  20. You are my everything!
  21. We snuggle and keep each other warm
  22. You love doing nothing with me
  23. When you steal “our” Salt n’ Vinegar chips
  24. You know how I like my blueberry coffee!
  25. IT’S YOUR 25th BIRTHDAY!!!

Next, when Adam woke up, I made him his birthday breakfast, which consisted of BACON PANCAKES, and HOMEMADE HASHBROWNS!  They were absolutely phenomenal!  The recipe is below, and it was a huge hit at our house, Adam wants them all the time now! HA

Then, after long days at work, I made reservations a month ago for Adam's birthday dinner at Nakato's Hibachi Grill!  IT was AWESOME! :)

I made goodie bags for everyone, and had his balloons set up, and gifts all around! And his fabulous cupcakes that I made for him, were amazing as well!  They were MOCHA CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES!  Which, I will put in a separate blog post for y'all because they are amazing!

For his cards, and birthday presents, Adam literally got all fart cards, so that tells you about him! HAHA!!  For his birthday presents, I got him a beer making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop, a summer wheat, which is one of his favorite types of beer, and now he gets to make it!! :) We are pretty excited to ferment this beer and then taste it when it is all done!  Our friend Chris, said that he waited a year to make his and it lasted, but I know that Adam and I will not be waiting that long; but just so you know, it lasts that long! I also made Adam a beautiful Christmas ornament.  I took our wedding invitation, and cut it in to thing strips, curled them and put them in a ornament!  I will put that in another blog post! Coming soon!! :)

Adam loved EVERYTHING! So, I believe this birthday mission was complete.

Until next time, y'all!

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