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How To: Write a letter to your little sister/sibling.

Alright Y'all! Grab your cup of coffee and lets get started!

I am absolutely in love with this post that I am about to share with you guys!  This is a post of TIPS on how to write a letter to your little sister!

Last week, after work, I was struggling to write a letter to my little sisters.  Our age differences are 21 to 8 and 9.  You see, my parents got a divorce when I was 5 years old, I HOLD NO GRUDGE! If it wasn't meant to be, then it wasn't.  All I want for everyone is happiness.  So, my Dad found happiness with my Step-Mother, Eileen.  Their love is pure bliss, and it is so evident that they care for one another more than anything in the world (other than the family).  And they had two beautiful little girls, Veronica and Rebecca.

During college, I wasn’t really able to give my sisters the attention that I wish I were able to.  So, now that my husband and I live on our own, in a completely different state, with our “grown up” jobs and lack of ability to visit regularly, I wanted to take the time to write to my younger sisters.

Being that I am the older sister, my dad told me and reminds me that, I am “the older sister, not the disciplinary.  So, if they do something you aren’t happy with, treat them with an older sister love.  Every once in a while, try to show them the proper way to handle something, but only show them once, because you don’t want them to think negatively of you.  Remember we are the disciplinary figures, you are their older sister, the one that they come to.”

After hearing him say that, it truly made me think. 

By the things that my dad meant when he said whatever, I (Cassie) am not happy with, he meant that when I get upset when I see them throw a temper tantrum over something so irrelevant, or when they role their eyes at our parents, or when they don’t use manners all the time.

My sisters didn’t see me do all these things, which I know I did at some point.  But, I do see myself in them, when they do the negative things.  So, like I said, it truly made me think. Think of what I should say to them which needed to be completely sisterly.  Then it hit me…

What would I tell myself when I was their age?  If I could go back in time, what would I want to hear?

Those questions, simple questions, made negativity disappear.  At their age, I didn’t want to hear what I was doing wrong, or what was so bad with my actions. I wanted to hear positive things. It needed to mean something, with love and support.


    •       Ask them how they are doing, and then ask how they are doing with something that they are passionate about.  For example, Rebecca is passionate about dance. “How is dance going?  Do you have a favorite song?” Or Veronica, who is passionate about origami, school, and field hockey – “How is school? Are you keeping those grades up?  Have you been scoring awesome goals?”
    •       You are beautiful!  I wanted to take a moment to explain this, when I was in school, I was made fun of every day for my looks.  My sisters are by far the most beautiful girls ever, and I have not heard from either of them about bullying, but I still think that it is VERY important to share with them that they are pretty, inside and out, beautiful for who they are.
    •       Remind them to always dream big, and never let anything hold them back.
    •       Happiness is important.  Write how they shouldn’t let the little things that make them upset linger.  Tell them, that they should always strive for happiness.
    •       TRUTH.  It is a HUGE deal if an older sister tells and explains to always tell the truth.  Like my dad said, don’t be the disciplinary figure, stay positive.  When I explained about the truth to my little sisters through a letter, I just said, no matter what happens always tell the truth, because you will feel so much better, because you will be saying how you feel and think and that it will have a better outcome!
    •      Continuing off of what I stated above…I also recommend to not mention any negative words.  For example, I did not once mention the word ‘lie,’ I kept it positive by restating ‘truth’ and ‘feeling better’
    •      Lastly, I reiterated THROUGHOUT the letter how much I loved them, and how much they meant to me.

When writing your letter to your younger sibling, keep it happy, and fill it with love.  What would you want to know when you were their age?  What things would you want to hear/read?
Share with me your thoughts on what you believe should be shared with your younger sibling.  

Always keep your thoughts clear with a younger sibling and remember to keep them smiling!  They look up to you!

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