Tuesday, January 21, 2014

FROZEN Movie Review

Anything with the voices of Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell, you know is going to be amazing.  So when the newest animated movie, FROZEN came out in theaters, I knew that I had to see it.  Little did I know that I would go see it 3 times...

FROZEN shares women's empowerment, honestly, true/realistic characters and astounding climax.

The land of Arendelle (sisters Elsa's and Anna's kingdom) was put into an eternal winter after an argument between the sisters.  Having to continuously lie to her sister about her powers was hard on Elsa and when pushed past the breaking point, you never know what would happen, until it did, and then Elsa ran off.  

Anna, the younger sister, and one who always viewed her glass half full, ran after her sister in the middle of a horrible snow storm.  In attempt of going up to the North Mountain, she lost her horse, fell in a lake and met her new friend, Kristoff and his AMAZING reindeer Sven, who help her up the mountain in search for Elsa (now the Snow Queen) in order to take Arendelle out of the endless snow storm.

After going through treacherous obstacles, meeting "love-expert" trolls, forming great friendships, Anna and Kristoff saved Arendelle from many difficulties. 

I HIGHLY recommend going to see FROZEN, it is by far my new favorite.

PS - it is also now going to BROADWAY!!

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