Friday, January 31, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Review

Honestly, I have never been into a movie as much as I was with this one.  Yes, I loved FROZEN, but that was an animated movie.  This - THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY, makes you re-evaluate your LIFE. It makes you think of questions for yourself, like, how are you living? what are you doing with life? why don't you explore the world? Why don't you follow your dreams? live and love.

This movie is a story of a man (Ben Stiller) who is a day-dreamer, he fades into his fantasies in order to escape from his every day life.  When LIFE magazine (his job) is only going to be online, his position, along with many others is being terminated, he goes after 'negative 25' which was lost.  The photographer, Sean O'Connell (played by Sean Penn) sent Walter the amazing life-changing photo to be the last and final cover for the magazine. Through his journey, he discovers the true meaning of life.

Along his journey Walter finally catches up with Sean O'Connell in Afghanistan, atop a mountain where he was taking a photo of a snow leopard, who never wants to be seen.  Walter then asks where the negative is, and Sean's response, "You're sitting on it." The negative was in the wallet that Sean made for Walter.  He used that wallet continuously until he got too frustrated with not being able to catch up with Sean at one point, so he threw it out.  

The negative was not lost forever.  After saying it was okay, and that he was upset that Walter threw out the wallet, he then turned his attention back to the snow leopard, Walter asks if he is going to take the picture.  Sean's response was one to remember forever, he is not going to take a picture because he wants to enjoy the moment rather than be distracted with the camera, because some moments are just meant for enjoying personally. 

When returning home, he meets Todd from eHarmony when he was in customs jail at the airport.  He also is confronted with the fact that he spent all of his money, so he has to return his mom's piano (you'll understand this when you go see the movie ;) ) and after that, he explained to his mom about the negative, and she stated that she has the wallet, because she 'always keeps is nick-nacks' and there it was negative 25.  Walter takes the negative to the workplace and passes it along. 

The final product is amazing.


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