Sunday, January 26, 2014

How To: Wedding Day Love Letter

This is your last letter as a single woman/man!  You are about to walk down that isle to your gorgeous fiancé and start the beginning of your lives together!  The letter is normally written the day before (or however long before, that you want) to be given after the rehearsal dinner, after you say your goodbyes until the wedding day, or to be written the morning of (to get awesome photos :) ) and to be given via Maid-of-Honor and Best Man.  It is normally given with a gift! (but, it doesn't have to be)

During a time where the wedding becomes all the bride (or groom) thinks about, the partner tends to get put on the back burner.  So, I have put together a list of the TOP TEN things of what I believe is most important to put into your letter:

  1. Tell him/her that he/she matters. Always.  As I stated above, sometimes we forget to give attention to our loved ones during a stressful, full of planning time.  So comfort their mind by telling them, that after this day you are all theirs - those long nights of planning will no longer get in the way of those movie nights, romantic gestures, or snuggle time.
  2. Calm him/her.  Nerves can get the best of us.  I'm not saying cold feet, but how would you feel standing up in front of a hundred or so people?  You will probably be nervous too, so use this letter as a way to talk him/her up, make them feel good, proud and get their adrenaline pumping.
  3. Tell him/her how much you love and miss them. Use this as a time to tell your loved one how much you love them, how amazing they are, how they changed your life, and how excited you are about marrying them.  You should definitely mention how much you miss them, I mean, it has been a WHOLE DAY since you saw them, you should miss them! :)
  4. Mention future encounters. We all know that everyone has those up's and downs.  Write about how you know there will be fights, and that y'all will get through them, always.  But, also you should write about how you know that there will be so many memories that y'all will build together.
  5. Tell him/her they are gorgeous. Seriously.  Say it.  Again, again, and again.  They may already know, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it.  I cannot tell you how many times I wrote how handsome Adam is, how handsome he will look at the end of that isle.
  6. You are in this together.  (he-he, I always think of this song when I say something like this)  Anywho! Remind your lover that you are in this together, forever.  
  7. Make it personal. This is a moment that is for the both of you. Just you two.  No one else.  When you write, write to them and no one else.  When you read their love letter to you, know that it is to you, and only you.  When I made it more personal, the words started flowing, and I felt unstoppable with the love I had.  It's obviously already personal, but what I mean is fill it with your love, your memories, what makes y'all happy, your engagement day, your marriage day, your inside jokes. Fill it with LOVE.
  8. Specifics.  Write to them about specifics that you love about them.  What do they do that just makes your heart flutter?
  9. Write about your inside jokes. Write about your funny moments, inside jokes that you have with them, and anything that will make them laugh that only you two understand.
  10. End it with love. Put the date at the top, sign 'the soon to be Mr. or Mrs. So-and-So,' fill it with love, and end it with love.  Sign it with a meaningful endearment "You are the peanut butter to my jelly, I love you, xo, Cassie"

 Other things that I recommend doing when writing your letter, write it in a quiet and peaceful place, make it pretty and put it on nice paper, and keep writing letters even after you are married.  You don't have to just write one letter, you can write more and more, as the years go on together.
Also, if you do plan on getting him/her a gift, I would mention either some of the things that you absolutely would love to get from him/her, or I would get them something that they could wear that day.  I got Adam a blacked out fossil watch with our wedding date and initials engraved on the back.  Adam gave me the gift I wanted most (HE LISTENS, yay), a Kate Spade "MRS" necklace.

There is a moment of serenity when you read the note from you loved one.  A sense of overall calmness embodies you, you are at ease and full of happiness.  This is why Adam and I decided to give our letters to each other the day of the wedding, there's nothing like hearing/reading reassuring positive words of love from your fiancé.

I hope this helped, y'all!

"Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It's a choice."  - Fawn Weaver 

All photos were taken by Blueberry Creative.  I highly recommend them for ANY photography needs.

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